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Can Cheaters Change?

Is cheating an inherent personality trait or a controllable behavioral one? Can a guy — or gal — who strays learn to be a house cat?By: David Zinczenko We’d all like to think that people can make changes, learn to compromise, and make their relationship stronger. Unromantic men can learn to buy a card every […]

Quiz of the Day

I came across this quiz and I decided to share it with you…feel free to indulge!!! is my result(hehehehe): You Are Very Sexy Damn! You are one hot number. You have a lot of sex appeal.You know you’re sexy, and you’re not afraid to put it all out there. And while you’re very appealing, you’re […]

Five Friends Every Woman Should Have

This I like……….. “Friends are the family we choose for ourselves,” writer Edna Buchanan once said. I consider the “family” I’ve gathered—with five kinds of pals I count on for completely different things—among the wisest choices I’ve made. If you can find even one who embodies any of the characteristics that follow, you can consider […]

Male Myths — Busted!

One married man separates fact from fiction. Tall tales abound when it comes to the married man. Some may be written in our DNA. And some are carefully crafted to work to our advantage. I’ll probably get kicked out of the XY tree house for this, but here I demystify the male species and give […]

Hi guys…………….

This is to formally welcome everyone into the new year(again!!) and to let afrobabe, jinta, eb the celeb and everyone else know that ‘Chrismus’ ended DEC 25TH!!!(lol)…I actually have nothing to blog about yet….still searching for interesting articles and all….so maybe for now, i’ll bore u with what happened during my holidays…(ahem) Christmas Day: I […]