Hi guys…………….

This is to formally welcome everyone into the new year(again!!) and to let afrobabe, jinta, eb the celeb and everyone else know that ‘Chrismus’ ended DEC 25TH!!!(lol)…I actually have nothing to blog about yet….still searching for interesting articles and all….so maybe for now, i’ll bore u with what happened during my holidays…(ahem)

Christmas Day: I went to work(yep, I did); got home in time to join my elder sis in entertaining guests….it started out a bit boring but people came at the end of the day

Boxing Day: Stayed home., rested, played with my adorable 7month old nephew(as usual)

New Year’s Day: No work(thankfully) entertained fewer guests….den got dressed and went visiting

So dats it…dats how d holidays went for me and now, its time to see how much fun I can have this new year in the best and safest way possible(wish me luck all:D)


23 comments on “Hi guys…………….

  1. you seemed to have spent your time at home or at the office…

  2. poor you. we really should have hooked up though im not at lag.

  3. That was the singular most boring holiday post ever…ehmmm yes I am studying and not being addicted to blog spot…lol..we got to make next christmas memorable for you oh, cant have you spending it just like that…lol

  4. @unnaked:yes o@anonymous gal:really?? aaaww dang! we for hook up(lol)@afrobabe:lmao…my dear dis year must be better ooo…der must be a story to tell..i jus wan update as per make e no loss(lol)…

  5. you no try at all haba! Happy new year oh!

  6. i wish u more fun this year and happy new year to u

  7. onome, did you even realise xmas was passing by?

  8. Prior to today, up until 5 minutes ago, i was convinced that the only person who never had fun on Christmas day was Santa Claus himself.Consider,Whilst everyone was indoors midst the snow , rain or harmattan, Yours truly was busy cavorting around the sky and stuffing himself into chimney holes.Whatever delight and fun he might have obtained from this most unusual ( and dirty) of acts was long gone with the monotony of doing the same thing over and over again.Ho Ho Ho and watching the butts of kicking reindeers in front of him, it was hard to find a sorrier picture.Merry Christmas.That was until 5 minutes ago.,It might please you to know that you’re currently sharing the worst Christmas experience with Santa.It certainly did please him”Are you serious? “Santa asked me as i shared this most alarming of news with him.With a sad huff and a shake of head I assured him it was so.He beamed happily at me?”A woman you say? My my. And a Nigerian too? I have heard so much about the…er…many delights of the Nigerian female.”He rubbed his stomach with a gleam in his eye.He looked at me.”Maybe this time i will have my Christmas present! What’s her number?”

  9. @waffarian:na lie o I try..ah ah..pple come visit us for house na shuo!!!Same to u by d way:)@jinta:i did….lets hear YOUR story(lol)@ms emmotions:tansk love same to you@carlang:(cracking knuckles)….u better watch ur back dude….i know where u live….o yeah!! bet on dat!!!>:P

  10. LOL@carlang!Good luck this year dear and i ope next xmas will be more exciting for u.On that party invite, we’ll let u know next time.

  11. @princesa:thanks dear, thank God u agree i had some fun……pple keep missing d ‘entertained guests and went visting’ part…..(lol)

  12. Happy new year Onome. LOL@ Carlang. The boy needs to be sectioned.

  13. abeg who u say u visit on new year day? u no tell us ooo

  14. onome, you want to koba mi, abi?

  15. inquring minds want to know what is having fun for onome

  16. mehn…baba God go dey vex say you spend im birthday for office.lol

  17. @atutupoyoyo:Happy New Year love:D..am on carlang like stains on a mattress….@ibo dude:i go visit person(lol)..how u dey?@jinta:koba u ke…no ooo i jus wan hear ur own tori@eb the celeb:hanging out, clubbing, etc…wat about u?@el correcta:na my office ooooooooo(lol)

  18. wait o! did onome change her blog template?i like this one teeeewww much!er…sweetie this ur xmas dry no be small….try and catch some good fun this year abeg!hapy new year dear!

  19. @Isi:lol…we go try we go try….same to you love!!

  20. onome,no b onli u..my xmas wasnt too fantastic, i love your blog,u got to hit me uploving it too muchhave a nice nu yer

  21. @fresh and fab:no shaking…my arms are as open as my blog(lol)..glad u like it and tanx for stopping by:)

  22. lol @ carlang…kai onome don win tittle….lol..kai,another comment moderator!!!

  23. @afrobabe:(giggle)..for ur sake i’ll see wat i can do ’bout dis..meanwhile which title i don win?:-/ u sure sey no be ur back i dey(lol)?

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