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Originally posted on Bishop David Abioye's Podcast:
The end of our strength is the beginning of His grace

About Azuka

About Azuka.

Wild Fantasy live on Amazon, Kobo

Ok…so an upcoming novelist has put out her third…yes, third Novel. First, was Dark Patches, followed by Boomerang..and now, we have the latest which is called Wild Fantasy. I have one word about her writing style….gripping. When I read Dark Patches, I bluntly refused to put the book down till I finished. I practically lived […]


That’s jap(Japanese) for “hey”…what’s up? Just, you know, making sure this blog doesn’t go inactive. Well, Jesus loves you.. remember that..His Arms are wide open 24-7-365 for you. Peace….(no smileys????)

One more thing

So yea, I have something to say regarding the BlackBerry going down and being sold….*ahem* I am so going to miss them…I loved them like crazy….I have reluctantly decided to embrace he droid phenomenon… and have decided my next devices will be the iPhone six and Sony Xperia Z1 or Z ultra….or the HTC One […]

This speaks to me

http://bible.com/111/PSA109.21.NIV But you, Sovereign Lord , help me for your name’s sake; out of the goodness of your love, deliver me. Bible.com/app

as promised…a year later

i plan to upload a few of my favourite amvs (anime music videos)…the soundtracks used are not the soundtracks of the amvs, but i believe it makes them fun(note, the videos and soundtracks were NOT done by me)             There will be more later, for y’all with good internet and […]