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This is so wild……………

A Scorned HusbandSunday, June 26, 2005 I heard of a story that was so comical but managed to send the right message across. Though it was jungle justice, I quite understand why laws were taken into certain hands and pray that people learn a thing or two from it. They say hell hath no fury […]

Mercedes Brabus


I hear a lot of the expression ‘wheat and chaff’ that chaff seems to be an apt topic for this post…. In guy issues(i.e relationships), there’s(or there are?) a whole lot of chaff(time wasters, opportunists, etc) floating around and quite unfortunately, they seem to land on our turfs a little too often. What are they […]

A Tribute To Guys…….

Ok someone accused me of being a feminist which I admit I might be, but I decided to use my Christian mind to appreciate guys today………now, 98% of my friends are guys and I must confess dat each and everyone of them have been fun all the way……Guys are expert secret keepers(at d same time […]