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Brands and Labels

Today I write dis to say I DONT CARE…I LIKE IT!!!! It’s directed to all those to who don’t approve of what I did…ehh eehh eerrrmmm(clearing throat)my story…i have someone who personalizes tops for me and i’ve had d luxury of having my name in bold print on one of my tops…now i make two […]

10 Things No One Tells You About Parenthood

Sleepless nights and changing toxic diapers are child’s play—here’s the stuff you should really know. Everyone has seen the “what to expect during parenthood” books and articles, but they never tell the whole story. While raising kids is the most rewarding thing you will ever do in your life, and the love you feel for […]


Today am going to complain bitterly about my experience last night at the A.Y Live Show….. no 1…..we were kept standing outside for about 2hrs bcos the hall wasnt ready, subsequently, the show meant to start at 5pm started at almost 7…y?? ask d organisers……den comedians like Akpos, Gordons, Ali Baba, etc etc came out […]

Four Kisses You Must Master

There’s smooching and there’s lighting a fire on his lips. These moves will burn him up.By Lisa Chudnofsky We know what you’re thinking. A kiss? Big whoop. You’ve had your mouth-to-mouth MO nailed since junior high. But what you might not have realized is that by customizing your lip-locking to the occasion, you can actually […]