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ave come across a number of blog posts wer d writer had nothing much to say but just started talking anyway and d write up ended as something interesting…hopefully dis will be like one of those posts…am sitting at my desk yawning for the umpteenth time..fiddling with my chat window, struggling to play online games […]

And his name is…………..

drums rolling……BOBO!!!!after due consideration the management of the zoe vehicle has decided to rebrand for better performance…management took into cognisance the fact that the owner of the vehicle is a female…and zoe is a female name….so to prevent negative impressions of er…(ahem)peculiar tastes we have decide to rename him BOBO!!!Y Bobo u ask? simple…who’s the […]

"I still love you"

When I heard about your person, I desired you…I longed to meet you, to know you, to feel you…the chance came and we joy new no bounds; I resolved to please you, to flaunt you everywhere, to tell the world you were mine…a bright future beckoned..until we started relating…I was a bit shaky at […]

second day of school

second day at wordpress is like d second day at school to me..or work..its awful quiet, der’s almost no one to talk to and you’re wondering what the new year’s going to be like…well, am off to think of ways to make this blog more interesting…onome is a neutral kind of  page so maybe  nyomsis will be more toxic(hehehehe)..i quite […]


hope i can keep this cos i already have anoda blogpage..wat’s d reason behind a second i wonder especially since its diff from my onome page(as in it has a diff address)….well primarily its as a result of boredom, it also has to do with am just a web junkie visiting as many websites as i […]