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and the problem is………….?

dunno wats wrong i jus feel dis urge to cry..u know jus lock myself up alone somewhere and let it rip!!!!!! y??? i have no idea i jus wanna do it…maybe its as a result of accumulated experiences one has had and tried to put behind her but somehow these things have a way of […]

5 Salary Secrets Your Company Won’t Tell You

It’s normal to wonder how and why you get paid the salary you do. After all, it’s not a decision process most employers are willing to disclose, at least not without a little prodding. So what are the best-kept secrets when it comes to salary decisions at most companies? And how can you use them […]

been a while huh???

my beloved aijay, LG, chari, etc etc those asking after me…am so sorry ave been away from so long…its just so crazy for me…work is not as before..[u know, the whole new job new responsibility thing;)], hanging out’s not like before and er….wat else..all in all am good…I WILL UPDATE….I PROMISE!!! I love u guys….mwua […]