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A bit tired…………..

I’ve been browsing different websites…and I keep coming across one word that’s beginning to crawl up my skin and dat word is CHEATING…we have articles like “Why He Cheats”….”When He Cheats”….”Is He Cheating”….”How to tell if he’s cheating”….etc etc….I mean for God’s sake is there NOTHING else to talk about? Am I to go through […]

For d singles like moi….

10. Flirting is an attitudeA good flirt is self-confident and not afraid to take risks. Be enthusiastic and positive—it works! 9. Start a conversationThe best opening line is saying hello. Talk about the surroundings, ask a question, ask for help or state an opinion. 8. Have funBe playful, light-hearted and spontaneous. Show your vulnerability. 7. […]

Happy Birthday(overdue)

Today I just realized that I neglected(not intentionally) my one year anniversary on blogsville….it’s been sporadic but its been good……this also has been one year ‘Studd'(formerly ‘Zoe’ then ‘Bobo’) and I have been together:-)…It’s been a good since year 2007..the prayers and good wishes of a lot of people and the Mercy of the Almighty […]

Back from recess

wey dem wey dem wey dem????? lol…just got back from my leave and i spent it REEEEEEESSSSSSTTTTTTTTINNNNNNNNNG..which is wat i guess was really wrong with me den…..ave been in foul mood swings for such minor reasons as hunger pangs… maybe extra craving for physical rest could have reduced me to extra cravings to howl and […]