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5 Talking Mistakes Most Couples Make

Why do you two still get into petty spats? Subtle bad communication habits. Learn to break them like this. By Jennifer Benjamin You and your man may think you know each other inside and out. But even the most in-tune twosomes can slip up. Many couples unknowingly have bad communication habits,” says psychologist Steve Stephens, […]

Rear Entry

Thinking about trying anal sex? Here’s what you need to know:[Esp for some pple I know].. Anal sex is one of those things that some people like, some people hate, some people are curious about, or some never try at all. What you need to remember about anal sex is that it is not a […]

So Far………..

Wer do I start????? I talked about my new job the last time didn’t I?? Well, learning new things every day, meeting new people(the nice, d nasty and d annoying)..still dont have my home internet yet(yep u got it right…am LAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZYYYYY)…..and ave noticed to my dismay dat its increasingly more difficult to write here…which is […]