Wild Fantasy live on Amazon, Kobo

Ok…so an upcoming novelist has put out her third…yes, third Novel. First, was Dark Patches, followed by Boomerang..and now, we have the latest which is called Wild Fantasy. I have one word about her writing style….gripping.

When I read Dark Patches, I bluntly refused to put the book down till I finished. I practically lived with the characters. I got angry, sad, happy..even after finishing the novel different scenarios kept playing in my head for days. The same it was with Wild Fantasy…I exclaimed aloud, laughed, wished, wanted and didn’t stop reading till the story was over. Who is this author you ask. Her name is Azuka Thomson.

I urge you dear readers and friends to check out Dark Patches and Wild Fantasy on Amazon. Fellow Nigerians like myself can get the Wild Fantasy novel from Kobo app. I promise, you will all love the books like I did 🙂


3 comments on “Wild Fantasy live on Amazon, Kobo

  1. Nyomsis, thank you for this uplifting review! I’m glad that you loved WIld Fantasy, and hope that you’d also love Boomerang.
    Dark Patches will soon be available in Nigeria via Kobo.com . Once again thank you and have a fabulous Sunday!

  2. Not a problem; love ur books and writing style

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