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lazzzzyyy sunday

*sigh*…..*ahem*…..ohayougozaimas minna-san(good morning everyone)…..woke up with an aching belly and have been in bed ever since…..practicing blogging more often so I can get my blogging groove back….who knows, I could branch into publishing from here(lol)…..

Yosh!!! Minna-san I have imported posts from my other account here, seeing this account has jus been revived…however, this already differs from what I initially promised over three(3) years ago when my life was a lot simpler, but…we shall improvise….all y’all leaf through the old posts as your time permits and have an idea of a few things that have happened all this time….maybe next time I will embark on introducing the world of animes….sounds fun…..have a good day folks…..

NB: blogging via my blackberry is way easier than using a laptop…heh!!


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