I havent blogged in ages…except like on saturday night I think..and am trying to start again but I wonder will it be the same without the friends I made here? Afrobabe, Nikkisab, Florida, LG, Isi, Jinta, Atutupoyoyo, Carlang, Nyemoni, Unnaked…to mention but a few…those peeps made my blog world rock…and now they’re gone(sad face)….so now am I going to start re-blogging, hoping to discover new blogspots; not forgetting every one mentioned above…will love and miss u all…o yea, i discovered a new one…luscious curves…great writing..and uh…wat else?

yea….peace and love


3 comments on “encore??

  1. Nice….miss you too hon…

  2. I stop by every now and then to see what is new. It is hard to find time to blog. But that the beauty of blogging… it here when you feel like it. Friends will return. And new friends will be developed.Thanks,Novelty Pens

  3. thank you for that, solartech201…funny i am replying u almost a year after this post

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