A bit tired…………..

I’ve been browsing different websites…and I keep coming across one word that’s beginning to crawl up my skin and dat word is CHEATING…we have articles like “Why He Cheats”….”When He Cheats”….”Is He Cheating”….”How to tell if he’s cheating”….etc etc….I mean for God’s sake is there NOTHING else to talk about? Am I to go through my entire dating life, married life hounding my man or husband to see if he’s cheating or not??? and if UNFORTUNATELY FOR HIM I discover he’s Cheating, am I to dash back to the Internet to find dat article dat talks about why men cheat and bake him a cake as proof of my forgiving him and wanting to work things out? Or am I to run reporting him to his friends, parents, Pastor and even God to strike him with an electric bolt so dat next time he wont ever do it again? Now dont get me wrong I dont support Infidelity, but I expect that by now couples worldwide understand the reality and ugliness of cheating…d pain, fury and sorrow it causes, the emotional turmoils attached on both the “cheater” and the “cheatee”[couldnt think of anoda term]…..etc etc…so can the world find something else to talk about? do we hear people trying to handle issues like violence, robbery, murder, serial killing, fraud, prostitution etc….the thing is infidelity is as bad as those vices mentioned above whether we want to admit it or not….and at the end of the day its up to you and me to decide whether the initial thrill and excitement of new “equipment” is worth the future tribulation awaiting you if and when discovered……
Have I said enough???? I think so………


14 comments on “A bit tired…………..

  1. i hear you my sista, its true, a good relationship should not be full of doubts, the moment you start getting them, you know its time to hang up the flag or work on yourself or something. Because in the long run, those are the kind of things that will eventually tear up the relationship.

  2. I have got a philosophy and its about not getting myself worked up over what I am merely imagining but that does not mean if there are hand wiritings on the wall, I will ignore them. No I will address them

  3. @fresh and fab:true true@standtall:i agree dey should be addressed…but its not like we should spend almost all our time looking for ‘the writings on d wall’….feel me?

  4. That was exactly my point. You missed that part in my comment. That’s my philosophy not looking for the writing on the wall. When you have a cheating partner, you will see the signs but not that you have to look for it, the evidence will present itself except we choose to ignoreHope I am communicating better here

  5. “Or am I to run reporting him to his friends, parents, Pastor and even God…”of all the men you mentioned, only God does not cheat, so save your energy and avow the determination to be happy. everyone’s sleeping with every one else…who do you think the so-called playas sleep with? dogs?

  6. @standtall:hahahahaha yes u are dear:-) tanx@jinta:jintaaaaaa aaaaaaaahhhh (LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL)……LMAOLOLOLOLOL OMG!!!!!!!!

  7. whay the ah ah my dear? Hope I have not committed a big offence against you ooooooo

  8. Guess the subject of cheating happens to pop up cos’ people who are in a relationship make themselves vulnerable and they need to know they are not being taken advantage of by the other party….first time here anyways… njoy…

  9. happy new month dear’how xmas go be naa?

  10. …eventually, we need not any manuals. ’tis all in the mind.

  11. @standtall: no love i was laughing…guess i should have used lol@danny bagucci:thabks for stopping by :-)@lg:compliments…we go try enjoy xmas oooo:-D@rethots:righto chap…..:)

  12. merry christmas. hampers waiting for you.

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