Happy Birthday(overdue)

Today I just realized that I neglected(not intentionally) my one year anniversary on blogsville….it’s been sporadic but its been good……this also has been one year ‘Studd'(formerly ‘Zoe’ then ‘Bobo’) and I have been together:-)…It’s been a good since year 2007..the prayers and good wishes of a lot of people and the Mercy of the Almighty have preserved Studd for me….no accidents, no theft, no loss of life or property….I give God the Glory…so then…I look forward to a much more interesting, fun-filled, pleasant, exicting 2009 both on blogsville and with Studd and generally..

this is not my last post for the year(lol)


5 comments on “Happy Birthday(overdue)

  1. Happy belated blog-aniversary hon’i hope say cake neva finish o’ :p

  2. LOLHappy anniversary

  3. lololololol – HAPPY ANNIVERSARY HUN!! we can only ask for him to continue, Amen! ps: as per posts – it berra not be 🙂

  4. happy blogaversary! and relationshipaversary!

  5. @lg:hehehehe thanks@Sha:gracias:-D@nwayi ocha:thanks love…mos def not(lol)@solomonsydelle:thansk mami:)

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