Back from recess

wey dem wey dem wey dem????? lol…just got back from my leave and i spent it REEEEEEESSSSSSTTTTTTTTINNNNNNNNNG..which is wat i guess was really wrong with me den…..ave been in foul mood swings for such minor reasons as hunger pangs…..so maybe extra craving for physical rest could have reduced me to extra cravings to howl and sob(lol)……[hope dis english is correct o]…anyway..me leave was good, am back at work, and looking for $$$$$$$$$$$…..so dats it…wat y’all been up to bloggers?


13 comments on “Back from recess

  1. lolll@wey dem wey dem wey dem????babes dem no get mouth jareeeee :p*welcome back,oya…2 posts per 2 day :p

  2. welcome back… oya knack us tori. 1st time here, bdw

  3. @sha:tanx a lot babes….@lg:lololololololol…i go try oooo..tanx darl@talesandtallies:visit d sites above..start from der..really cool(lol)

  4. thats one of the resons why i’m in lagos, to RRRREEEEEEESSSSSSSSTTTTTT, like you jus did. hi onome!

  5. Welcome back girl.Just got back from leave too and i spent it having maddd fun in Abidjan!

  6. Welcome back girl.Just got back from leave too and i spent it having maddd fun in Abidjan!

  7. @el-correcta:wishing u d best at lag o..i miss dat joint sometimes….hi dear how u doing?@princesa:thanks love…abidjan huh?? am vexed am taking up travel as my next hobby(lol)….

  8. Welcome luv. momma neva said dere will b days like dis but dere r. Just take it easy ko. sometimes d tears makes us feel beta but b careful not to hurt anyone while being snappy.

  9. rest is good. looking at the state of your bed in the previous post, you probably did a little more than rest, which is quite good

  10. @rethots:huh??@nikkisab:gracias babes@jinta:my love wer have u been????

  11. glad to know u enjoyed ure leave, arent we all looking for the pepperhey hun, hw bodi now, long time oh

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