and the problem is………….?

dunno wats wrong i jus feel dis urge to cry..u know jus lock myself up alone somewhere and let it rip!!!!!! y??? i have no idea i jus wanna do it…maybe its as a result of accumulated experiences one has had and tried to put behind her but somehow these things have a way of hiding in ur subconscious and occasionally whispering into ur concious(y’know?); maybe it’s as a result of wanting something(s) and not seeing it(them) and asking y its so, wat u’ve done wrong? what u’re doing wrong, y u havnt stopped what u’re doing wrong? wen u’ll stop what u’re doing wrong, IF u’ll stop what u’re doing wrong….are u sure u’re doing something wrong(sigh)…o well, der are always days like dat..lets hope i get past this phase quickly, cos i dont fancy being sad at all…..

OK on a lighter note ave moved to my own place now:-D(thank u thank u) above are a few pics of my abode….further tushing up will be done as time goes on:-D..i tell u moving aint easy at all but(hehehehe)… but its a sign dat things are looking up in life..we look forward to better days..wer d hell is my resolution list?????? and wer’s afrobabe..bloggers pls tell her i miss her and her updates:-D(yes i confess am jus reading dem today)..in fact a change has come(lol)…am so getting online at home…and soon too….


9 comments on “and the problem is………….?

  1. maybe a good cry is needed hun – just to let go of pent up emotions nice abode 🙂 and miss Afro too time’s needed s’all, you’ll perk up soon enough

  2. sometimes it is a good idea to just cry, you have to know when to stop crying though.

  3. *snorts* babes i dey vex o’ u update n u nor flash me’maka why? 🙂 :-)take kia nowBTW no more crying… o.k? mwaaahhh

  4. @nwayiocha:thanks dearie..muchos appreciatus:D@doja:shey???? u’re right thanks@lg:my babbbeee no be sooo oooooo in fact i need to go online ASAPP!!!!!

  5. Listen to one emotional song that can make you cry and move on. Pls do it so u can feel lightHow’s ur new place coming up?

  6. Wow!!! Babe dis is a bit worrisome. I tink u shd cry n just let it all out alone. D truth is dere is no Handbook or guide to a successful life so u gotta make it each day. U cld b doin d right tin but to d wrong psn/in d wrong venue or u cld be in d right place with d right person but doing a different tin. Sometimes u gotta stay by urself n watch tins b4 u join in. I like d place n wen nx i’m in ur area i will b ova for lunch. I’m here for u. Luv ya loaaaaadddssss!!!

  7. @standtall:men……maybe i should except for one thing..i dont like crying…place is coming along nicely….neglected it for a while but hey, almost there@nikkisab:tansk honey, i’ll do all i can not to disappoint wen u arrive for lunch(lol)…thanks love

  8. Hmmm who likes to cry my dear, but do it if it will make you feel good but if not do something else that can be a good therapy for u. Well, yu have passed that stage though. Be happy

  9. sometimes crying helps us get it out of our system… you’ll feel lighter. You should consider crying out your heart to God, you never go wrong with that

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