So Far………..

Wer do I start????? I talked about my new job the last time didn’t I?? Well, learning new things every day, meeting new people(the nice, d nasty and d annoying)..still dont have my home internet yet(yep u got it right…am LAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZYYYYY)…..and ave noticed to my dismay dat its increasingly more difficult to write here…which is sad cos ave gone round a few of my favorite blogs and I see d tremendous work everyone’s doing….guess I havent fully settled in yet..
Still waiting for the mystery man loads of people claimed I’d meet when I was still undecided about moving here…..lets hope he shows up some time soon…my thumbs are getting sore from all d twiddling……..
I miss my elder sister, her baby, my peeps back at Lagos..am glad for the few new friends ave made…looking forward to wen am settled in fully den I can run riot!!!

So dats my story so far….wats urs???


24 comments on “So Far………..

  1. Babe, u need to settle in ASAP, we miss you.Your mystery man is on his way.

  2. Story so far?… 2nd week at job too, hope they dont check my computer’s history..na so so blogville full am!All d best in ABJ..mystery man?..sure some man somewhere is waiting for his mystery woman too..

  3. eh! mystery wetin!!! come, i no warn u? u dey look 4 mystery man n abuja? chei, u don miss road o. look around love, there’r scores of beautiful accomplished ladies n abuja. where r d men? they r looking 4 whom 2 sponge off 4rm! or they r married (or keeping a fiance outside town). ha! don’t pin hope n abuja men o. anyway sha, chicks dey marry everyday 4 hia, but …. no dey look 4 mystery man yet oh. shine ur eye well well, study dis town & their dating (fucking, more like it) style, den learn how 2 dodge all those playas. i shall b prayin with ya. (seriously, no kidding. ask around n let d ladies confirm or denounce wot i just said)

  4. I am not first….fuminggggggggggggggg

  5. Mystery man?? the man is not a mystery oh…you just have to do what emily did…give him a good scrub!!!

  6. @oluwadee:tansk love..will do so ASAP@enigma:hehehehehehe all da best ooo(lol)..dem don already nab me for here@florida:heeeiiiii mo da ran oooo…i don enta..i dey go mfm and gem for serious prayer and fasting..hei..ewooooo….heiiii@afrobabe:sowweeeeeeeee soowwwweeee@afrobabe(again): sad sigh!!!!! na wa ooo..eehhnnn make we dey look

  7. babe, no fear. nothing do u. no b 4 dis abuja we dey find husband? although, dem show me small pepper sha. dat b say wen i nefa decode. but d thing is around her, most men don’t do serious relationship. they r in 4 d ‘fuck’. there r so many fine babe around, looking 4 a committed man, so d players r having a field day. one thing i must tell u, if a brother aint treating u like a queen, believe me he’s fucking someone else! don’t waste ur time on him!

  8. @florida:hehehehehehehe yes’m i hear u…i’ll be on d tip of ma toes…..dat predators poem even helped me…

  9. i miss VIand mystery man sounds like mystery meat LOL no pon intended

  10. awww we miss u too, ehennnnnnnnn wat abt BOBO????? lolllllllas d mystery man,sofry…sofry..him dey come, u hear, lollllcheers!!!

  11. take your time to settle down jare@ florida – lmao. how did she get so cynical?

  12. mystery ko, mysterious ni…*hissberra face ur work…lol..Hope he bumps into u @ Ceddi sometime…

  13. @ jinta: u nefa hear, ‘fool me once, shame of u; fool me twice, shame on me!’. my eye open by force 4 dis abuja!!!!!@ charizard: which ceddi? no b d abja ceddi oh. bobos dey either come scope new lays, or dem dey with dem babes!!!! d best way 2 meet a decent guy n abuja is by introduction. a friend 2 a friend. if u r on ur own, all dressed & hot – na free meat u don represent!

  14. Dont worry u’ll make new friends dere but u av to stay in touch with d ones u left in lag too. Abj is a nice place but watch out for d fake assess dat parade d town. remain real.

  15. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiyou are fantastic!!!a kiss for you, my dear friend!god bless u dearcan we exchange our linkr u ready to do?hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiivocê é fantástico!um beijo para você, meu caro amigo!Deus te abençoe u Caropodemos trocar os nossos linkr u disposta a fazer?


  17. the contestants have their songs up on blogville idol page ..pls run over there to listen to then and pls vote

  18. @torrence:hmmmph!! if u say so@lg:bobo full ground ooooo..he dey try(lol)…tansk love@jinta:hahahaha ok dearie tansk@charizard:ceddi plaza????……hmm@florida:lmao…..i swear i need to take more lessons from u..my note pad is ready ooo@someone else’s life:word:-)@rohit:…….er……….@blogville idol:i will ASAP!!! ran thru dis stuff in a hurry

  19. oya this is what you will do: dry fast from 6am-6pm for 6 weeks, at the end of which, in the evening, when people are coming back, you walk arouind the street in a bikini. Or, you can do the bikini prior and forget the fasting. One of the 2 options should get you that man quick quick! lol don’t mind me, my imagination is insane today. I hope you settle in well oh!

  20. @florida, christ! na so ABJ be??? See me wey want relocate. Abeg na dis lasgidi i go dey till i marry o,lol…Onome dear, no worry. take ur time settle down well. Your man will locate you.Meanwhile what have u been fidling with ur thumbs? I ope not what am thinking,lol…

  21. I’m sure you’ll meet your mystery man soon Meanwhile, there’s an interesting discussion on my blog. Would you like to take part. It’s about mysterious men.

  22. Ok cool, you’re back. Hope you’re enjoying Abuja.Please ohh, trot over to http://www.blogvilleidol08.blogspot.com and vote for me… Please, please, please…:). Thank you.

  23. Hello ,its me once again remindng you that the blogville idol contestants 08 have sung their OLDIES jams!!!this session in on FIRE!!..Pls go over to the page listen to the contestants and then VOTE!!!dont forget to drop us a kind comment!tanx

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