First Day at Work:-)

Ok people we’re coming to you live from ABUJA(YIPPEEE!!!!!)….d new place is nice…facebook is on:D..i can chat and fool around so long as I have a little time on my hands…..still going to install internet at home though;-)…
Glad to be back…so bloggers gimme gist….wat have I missed so far???

I promise a more detailed update but dont really have much time right now:-D


13 comments on “First Day at Work:-)

  1. Well maximise your stay in that city.Check out the 14th and Serenity blog, it’s the current hotsuff

  2. Welcome back to blogville. A beg to know what’s up, start visiting all ur favorite blogs

  3. blogville idol 08 is coming soon and its going to be fun!check out my page for more details

  4. u miss plenty o, dear.1. afro became a nun, den got a tattoo2. i opened a sex insitute3. aphrodite did it with O, X and Bobo Nice. Babe dey vex4. 30+ raped her super-fine neighbour. d dude was too good-looking, one day she forget say na she dey preach ‘no sex b4 marriage’ & chopped d fella5. jinta quit blogvilleROTFLMAO. just kidding. but number 5 appears 2 b true o. where dat dude dey sef?

  5. where n abuja r u staying? let me give u all d cool spots 2 visit. & name some names u should avoid – those bobos don go round abuja babes. hahahahahahahahaha. how i wish!

  6. @freeflowing florida:na wa o…30+ raped her neighbour…men i go vex do my own…and i noticed u’ve opend a sex institute..afrobabe a nun??! with a tattoo??!! HA!!!!! I laff….Jinta really must’ve quit blogsville:-(..i miss him:-(@free-flowing florida again..details in yer email babes;-)

  7. FFF sabi update someone o

  8. @standtall:hehehehehe..abi?? dats y she so interesting:)..meanwhile searching 30+’s blog frantically for d story of her and d pretty neighbour

  9. wow.. thankGod, i bin dey wonder like femi kuti, lollllloya we dey wait for d gist o,*welcome back

  10. Congrats dear, and welcome back to blogville.

  11. @lg:hehehehehehehe no worry gist dey come…i full ground(lol)@archiwiz:gracias gracias:-);-)@solomonysdelle:tansk hon..i see u and d crew are havin’ a blast:D

  12. Welcome back… will be back for the update.

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