Every one wants more money in their pockets somehow….me especially, so I applied for a different position in my office that offers higher pay…I get the position(yaaaaaaaaaaaaay)..but its in anoda state..the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria(Abuja) to be exact…so yours truly will not be blogging for a while bcos she’ll need to settle in…arrange one or two things[a flippin’laptop and ISP being part of dem]..but I PROMISE I WILL BE BACK….am so sad bcos missing a day is like missing a bazzillion years on blogsville…well until then I love you all.mwuah!!


26 comments on “Announcement?

  1. Congrats darling…Here is a raised glass to more good news….and more money!!!!

  2. @afrobabe:hehehehehhe…yaaaay!!! @afrobabe:gracias signorina..gracias…and ameeeennn!! i be needin more doe big time;-)

  3. yea babes… that’s what am talking about… lets pop something o!

  4. Haahah!! Afro we read u d 1st time now..why u write am 2ce..lol Anyways i am 2nd (disregardin duplicate and blog author).Congrats luv!!!!! So u go do d parry dis weekend? I go miss u o.!! beta b online dere.

  5. Wat!!! wen i was whinning.. unnaked beat me to 3rd. Well 4th is a position.

  6. @unnaked:tansk love we go try..no be say na now now..#@nikkisab:will miss u too lovely..no worry i’ll be online der by fire by force(lol)@nikkisab:no worry 4th no bad..u dey among top 5(lol)..thanks again love

  7. yes will miss u but yiha. u would be closer to me. i will actually consider bein unanonimous so we can b bffs.congrats.

  8. yes will miss u but yiha. u would be closer to me. i will actually consider bein unanonimous so we can b bff.congrats.

  9. @anon gal:hehehehehehe really?? ok now..i’ll ‘announce’ wen i get der..or before i leave(lol)p.s wats bff?

  10. yaaaaaay…Dearie, am happy for u,las gidi ll miss u o, but its all good. so wen r u leaving? how r u leaving? where ll u be staying? too many questions abi? lol!!!!! nor mind me o, CONGRATULATIONS jare

  11. @lg:hahahahaha i’ll be leaving soon by air by God’s Grace…i’ll be staying with me dad and i’ll miss lasgidei too 🙂 andddddd………..errrr d questions aren’t so much…thansk love;-)..ok lemme not lie i dont know wen exactly am leaving(lol)…

  12. Best friend forever.got it from paris hilton. she is doin a show lookin 4 a nu BFF as she feel out wit her old BFF.

  13. @anon gal:hehehehehehe ok..would d old ‘BFF’ be britney spears(lol)…@anon gal(again:ya i know;-)

  14. Onomizzle…how far na?d@ is a good news u have for us there o..oya pack and adjust sharply abeg…we dey wait u..

  15. so glad u got a higher position with better par, but I will definitely miss u.Come back soon.


  17. Congrats darling!!!We suppose ‘wash’ am now. lol.

  18. @charizard:merci monsieur…no worry i go soon show(lol)@oluwadee:tanx babes;-)..i’ll ensure i return ASAP so i no go miss too much:-)@nwayi ocha:alrite love i will:-)@aijay:yes oooooooooo we go try o:-)

  19. congrats dear. which part of abuja u dey now? u might b surprised, & it’s next door 2 me!!!!

  20. CONGRATULATIONS!!!can’t wait to have you back but know say if you know bring part of your salary come yawa go burst

  21. congratulations. take ur time and settle down and get back here on blogsville.

  22. awwww congratulations! very good news, so happy for u… after settling dwn dnt forget to gist us oh..mwah

  23. All the best girl! You are moving up so its cool.

  24. jus shecking up on my bebe, lol!!!onors, hope u r gud?njoy ur w’end, norrin do u!!

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