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1. Link the person/people who tagged you(check!)
2. Mention the rules in your blog(wat do we call dat check? think so)
3. Mention six(6) spectacular quirks of urs(hope dey’ll qualify)
4. Tag 6 fellow bloggers by adding their links(i think)
5. Let each of the tagged bloggers know they’ve been tagged..via their blogs(ok!)

now the quirks(like I said hope they qualify):
1. I dont like akara(bean cakes)………I watch people eat but I so detest it…ave forfeited many a breakfast bcos of that habit

2. I often see letters in a particular order and read them out in anoda order(its been so with me for years dont know y)

3. I’m absolutely terrible at describing things, places or people…..

4. I cant tell jokes…I try but I can’t…I’m eida laughing so hard you miss the jokes or so shy I dont say it..sometimes if I do say it/them…it dont really sound so funny(poor me)

5. I have such an imaginative mind I tell myself stories virtually all the time..before I know it am mumbling to myself(esp in public)…[havent I said something like this before?????]

6. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII’m not really good at masturbating…I’ve tried but I find it a bit frustrating cause I find myself wanting the real deal…I only do wat I call ‘part-wanking’ (it aint much fun trust me)

OK so i tag nikkisab, anon gal; princesa, uzezi, oluwadee and errrrrrr………sha…..get on it guys…have fun(wink)


40 comments on “Tagged

  1. part-wanking!!! lmao!!!! dat should b n d dictionary!u don’t like akara. funny thing, i passed by akara sellers dis morning & was so tempted 2 go back & make an order, but was already running late. i’ve booked myself some akaras 4 2moro

  2. & hey, am first! hmmm. daz a first!

  3. were did florida come from. i swear i was 1st.part wankin? madam.

  4. somebody should please teach me how 2 link posts oh. u know, like u see ‘oluwadee’, & wen u click on it, it goes straight 2 her site. please, pretty please

  5. Now you’ve made my mouth water for akara.Strange you dont like it, i think its delicious especially when hot.Nice Blog. First timer.

  6. hehehehe@no.1 -u dont like akara, the inside or outside,lol u dont know wat u r missing@no 2 – me too@no 6 – bad girl(no spoil us o,lol)

  7. @florida:part-wanking in d dictionary????(lol)…….chai u dey try….@florida again:heheheheheh@anon gal:hehehehehehe@florida:the answer’s in your comment form@aphrodite:arrggghhhh pllllllllssssss i shudder just thinking of it…thanks for stopping by@lg:1.d taste is wat freaks me out2. really?? and 3.no worry i no go spoil bloggers(lol)

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. In my office..akara n agege bread rock…well so does sleep afta wards lol. U tagged me…hmmmm well……

  10. okay…part wanking i don’t get it. its either full or nothing.

  11. Akara…yummy, esp. when done in palm oil and hot! I mumble to myself a lot too, cos I think best when I’m walking or driving. I just hope pple who notice think I’m singing so I won’t be classified wacko.Wanking ke? I’ll tell my mummy for u!

  12. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mastubation keh…..hmmm ok oh..I also dont like akara if it is made at home..only like the street ones and even at that I only eat them when absolutely necessary ie in the face of starvation!!I am good at describing situations but cant give directions if my life depended ot it..I have recently started mumbling toi myself….I think that is a result of blogging…

  13. wetin akara do you sef?????

  14. so wats with this taggin thingy,,,,gettin me paranoid already…lol

  15. haaa…omo mayn and I tot I was wacky…lol…mastur kini? the real deal always beats it ten times over….

  16. @nikkisab:hehehehehe….really so does sleep aftwards(haha)no worry babes, i have faith in you(lol)…@bunmmy: its called part bcos i get too tired to make it to d full…like i said its frustrating(sigh)..maybe i should convert it to no wanking at all(thinking)@in my own words:SA!!!!!! yummy ko!! yummy ni!hahahahaha i like dat…i cant mumble wen walking i’d look wacko(lololol)…and wanking is good for some pple oooo(lol)@afrobabe:hmmmmmmmmm…..me not like any akara weda it be home our outside made…and its good dat u can describe situations..i wish i could..and mumbling???hmmmm how do u find it??(hehee)@solomonsydelle:i no know oooo i no like am at all ooooo@ms emmotions:dont be love its pretty fun…a way to keep us all connected(i think)@charizard: me wacky????hian!!!! ehh i agree ooo ders no deal like d real deal(lol)

  17. LMAO @ Part-wanking. Onome u don kolo finish.I love akara. I love any food with beans. Kai, u’ve got me craving akara now.How have u been?

  18. Loving ur printed T-shirt. Can I get one???

  19. ohhh.. i swaer i left a comment here, damn machines!!!! nonethelss… love the outside bit of akara esp when hot.. damn!part wanking?…*cocked eyebrow*…lololol

  20. those weren’t even quirky…nope.imma tag u again so u can give us the real gist ok…lol

  21. Your no 2 answer could be the symptom of a disorder called dyslexia. Google it and check it out

  22. @aijay:woman!!!!wer have u beeeeeeennnn?????:-p…ave been good:)@aijay(again hehe):sure u can if u really want to…@nwayi ocha:*cringing* not akara again:-(@soupasexy:nooooooooooo pllllllssssssssssss i had to do some serious thinking to put dis up:-(….been to ur blog. love d sasha pics;-)@’yar mama:gracias…will be sure to do so ASAP

  23. Onome, you rearrange furniture for here?

  24. your #. 2 is called dyslexia in the west. in lagos, we call it dumbness. lmaoyour # 6. ok, when you’ve finished the part-thingy part, call me, finish the job for you at no cost

  25. come to think of it, let’s mix #s 2 and 6 together, that way, you will be doing the part-thingy on me, whilst thinking you’re doing it on yourself

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. @afrobabe:yes ooo e necessary from time to time@jinta:eeeeeeehhhhhhnnnnnnnnn???!!!@jinta(again):roflmao…….aaaahh wetin i do u wey u dey yab me like dis…part-wanking on u thinking its meeeeee???(lmao)JINTAAA..aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh(lol)

  28. the benefit of dyslexia

  29. lmao @ Jinta…you got her good…

  30. @jinta:eheennnnnnn…i hear u@afrobabe:u wan join ur own abi?(lol)

  31. Sorry am late sweetie.Na work wahala.Will get round to doing the tag rightaway.lol@partwanking. I think i understand that.

  32. Onome deariee,I will get to this tag thingiee once i can access the internet with ease.How body?

  33. just checking up on u gurl*enjoy ur w’end*

  34. @princesa:no wahala dearie…take care;-)@oluwadee:e dey inside cloth oooo(lol)….werin do yar internet?@lg:tansk lovely….wish u d same(hugs)

  35. LOL @ # 6.. LMAOOO..

  36. ah ah, wetin happen here? i tot i’d missed road enter rique-diva’s site. y u change ur template na? ur other one fine pass dis one o, if u ask me

  37. i love akara and bread alot.not good at masturbating? u tried?ok. how much u wan pay for lesson?

  38. @sha:hey babes hehehehe@florida:how about dis one????@uzezi:lessons on wanking?????ROFLMAO…babes na who go teach me?? u abi a guy??(lol)

  39. O what quirks. I dont like akara much too, i can manage to eat them sometimes though. Im not very good at describing things, places or making explanations, i dont think i will make a good teacher, il get frustrated.Hmmmm, mastubating. Could be fun but why mastubate when you can get the real deal? I dont tell myself stories, i just day dream alot. Read my quirks and youll see the connection.

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