ave come across a number of blog posts wer d writer had nothing much to say but just started talking anyway and d write up ended as something interesting…hopefully dis will be like one of those posts…am sitting at my desk yawning for the umpteenth time..fiddling with my chat window, struggling to play online games but cant bcos my mouse has gone bonkers on me so am losing more often…(i hate dat and i feel am not given a fair deal..if my mouse were working nicely i’d have been d master by now)…so i look for d bazillionth time at my chat window and i decide its time to change d pic but i wonder wat to put der….
well, i considered dis one

but I fear my parents reaction(yep ave exposed myself..I even fear dia reaction more should dey stumble on d post..[does dat mean i should use it ? well…liver never reach me yet and the few opinions I could have sought cant view d pics on dia own yahoo chat whethere i use it or not(sigh)..so bloggers wat say u? should I damn the consequences and use this? or look for something more saintly like dis?


30 comments on “ehhhhnnnnnnnn……………..

  1. Kai…somehow I feel I am going to take the fall for this one….Onome our saint!!!

  2. @afrobabe:fall for which one? above or beneath(lol)..u wan yab me abi?? saint!!!(lol)

  3. As for which pic to use on ur messenger, you no see anyone with Jesus/Mary/Joseph or even mother Theresa to use???But if I must choose one…Then I love the first one but think it will be too tiny to view on a messenger box…so I choose the second..

  4. @afrobabe:roflmao really mother theresa and things…..emmmmm emmmm u see emmmmm..errhhn tanks for ur choice(wink)

  5. never be scared to post what u feel. i have a magazine cover tha i want to post but i feel it may turn people on me as opposed to my brain

  6. @torrence:lol…….would love to see dat pic(lol)@ladyguide:gracias 🙂

  7. damn the consequences and use the first one. indeed, try putting it into practice (this is where i offer my help)

  8. lol @ jinta’s “help”. hahahaso have you figured out which one?NIGERIAN CURIOSITYIT WAS SO MUCH EASIER WHEN I ONLY HAD ONE…

  9. lolololololol …. haahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha….lolloloolol… the first one!

  10. The first one had me LOL but it’s cool

  11. goodness gracious, onome!!!!! which kain pictures b dis!!!!! this is all d influence of afrobabe!!!! i’ve never heard u talk abt sex, now u’ve made a dive 2 using sexy photos!!!!! na afrobabe cause am, na afrobabe … sob sob soblove d 2nd picture though! if na me i go run o

  12. looooool at the pictures

  13. love the pictures you nigerians have a weird fascination with sex lol

  14. @jinta:roflmao…..thanks for d suggestion and ur er….”offer”(wink)@solomonsydelle:LOL no’ yet@nwayi ocha:hahahahahahahahahahaha @be silent:hmmmm will keep considering(lol)..thanks for stopping by@free-flowing florida:(lmao lol rofl) baaaaaaabbbbbbeeeeeeeeeeessssssss how are u sure???(lol)@pink satin:hehehehehehehehehe@james tubman: not just nigerians….sex is a worldwide fascination dats spreads across d regions(lol)

  15. @ Free-flowing Florida: take ur time oh…which Afro cause am..no mind all this good girls oh…they are just removing the goodgirl cloth that has been covering the truth…@ James: Me thinks the reason why we Nigerians have a fascination with sex is that it isn’t on every street corner like in the states…In nigeria its a forbidden topic so whe you have an outlet (blogging) you let down your guard and yap away….no stigma involved while annonymous…

  16. I think you should damn the consequences and use the first one. The picture is kinda hot. Dont worry about your folks stumbling on it, youll just deny it being you.

  17. @supergirl:hehehehehehehehe thanks a lot dearie;-)

  18. @the babe of the afropuff…sorry i completely agree with that and i thank you for brightening up my day with that wonderful comment (smiles)it seems like the one who hasn’t had it the most is the one who is most fascinated by it

  19. Chaiiiiiiiithese pictures dey powerful o

  20. seriously u think the 2nd pic is saintly?????

  21. and of cousr Afro would love the 1st

  22. @ anon gal…I do love the first…lol…wish that could happen in nija…@ James….I don forget wettin I want talk sef… (get an interpreter!!)@ Onome: lmao..I am sure you are wondering who asked me to reply comments…lol

  23. onomskyyy!!!!! lol i take d 1st oneits orignal and has character….n if u bliv me den brad pitt is my brother!!!!

  24. @james tubman:………@olamild:hahahahahahhahahaha@anon gal:compared to d first pic dat second one is saintly ooo(lol)…heheheheheh good old afrobabe@afrobabe:me not mind ur replies to comments love, it shows u’re at home here and u know u’re always welcome here(mwuah)@bunnmy:hi (lol)@nikkisab:so i guess dats a “CHIC DONT U DARE PUT THAT FIRST PIC(lol)” relax i no dey put am again(lol)

  25. You’ve been tagged!!!

  26. just checking to see if u ve updated*how body?*

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