And his name is…………..

drums rolling……BOBO!!!!
after due consideration the management of the zoe vehicle has decided to rebrand for better performance…management took into cognisance the fact that the owner of the vehicle is a female…and zoe is a female name….so to prevent negative impressions of er…(ahem)peculiar tastes we have decide to rename him BOBO!!!
Y Bobo u ask? simple…who’s the person who likes u ladies and treats u right? who do you ride? who’s always by u to the end? who performs to your satisfaction virtually all the time?? who pampers u and who do you pamper….who most times wen all is well never really lets u down??? your BOBO!!! sooooooo with all dat and a lot more in mind we are renaming Zoe as Bobo…she is no more a frail ginger female but a strapping well endowed male(wink) ready to meet the management’s needs and perform to the highest and longest period of time…ready to go to any length and please the owner….Thank you blogsville for your support…we look forward to a bright future with BOBO!!!!!


20 comments on “And his name is…………..

  1. Bobo???You don kolo finish…who always lets you down and has errectile malfunction???BOBO!!!

  2. @afrobabe:haba madam haba!!!lmao…not all bobos ooo..in fact, dose ones are counterfeit bobos not original like mine;-)

  3. LMAO @Afro. Not all bobo’s de disappoint. Lets hope de av a fertile, fidel, healthy and strong relationship togeda. (Shei i get qualities of afro type of bobo and onome moto bobo) LOL!!!!!

  4. @nikkisab:taaannkk u ooo tell afro for me(lol)and tank for d good wishes make we dey look bobo dey go(lol)

  5. hmmm – this *cough* sex change ehhh it better be worth ohhh… we know anything a man can do , a woman can do better *wink lololol

  6. Sex change ke, this bobo had better perform.

  7. na wah…i hope it performs better

  8. congratulations, but all these comments dey confuse me o,which one be sex change, infact onome i demand to c a pix of BOBO b4 further comment

  9. babe, unless u r talking abt an actually bobo, am so not interested in dis postcom’on girl, go get dat ass tapped!!! fine babe like u, (i saw those boobies pecking out of those D’Banj top, & am sure many other dudes saw it too – live & direct too) & r salivating. So, stop being stingy

  10. @nwayi ocha: u jus wait and see(lol)@@oluwadee:ahhh he don dey already perform(wink)@vox: he is thanks@ladyguide:thanks(lol)..u wanna see a pic…jus pic a year 2000 honda civic..dats my bobo(lol)@florida:u know babes….getting an ass tap is not a problem…is wat happens afterwards dats my concern..comprehende??

  11. BoBo – i guess thats fair, its better than the names i have been called in the past, like sugarcane and horseman lol…how ya been sista

  12. onome na wa for u sha. c the way u just dey make guys head dey swell with all the sleepless nights they cause and….infact, i no fit talk

  13. @torrance:fine tansk…longman?? sugarcane??hmm@uzezi:once in a while e good to appreciate guys bcos dem dey appreciate us wen dia own head no dey touch..if dia head touch we go deal with dem..we know every na(wink)

  14. someone is obssesd wit her car.

  15. go Bobo! go Bobo! go! go! go!

  16. @anon gal:far from it babes(lol)@bunmmy:heheheheheheheheheh

  17. am lost who is Bobo? sounds very familiar…

  18. @charizard:bobo is my car!!! a green honda civic(lol)

  19. Bobo is too generic joo.Just imagine calling my car babe?Give him a special name

  20. @tobenna:hahahahahahahaha who else calls he car bobo??? or make i do copy cat call am koko master…or koko lmao…..

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