"I still love you"

When I heard about your person, I desired you…I longed to meet you, to know you, to feel you…the chance came and we met..my joy new no bounds; I resolved to please you, to flaunt you everywhere, to tell the world you were mine…a bright future beckoned..until we started relating…I was a bit shaky at first..making earnest mistakes I quickly apologised and made up for, I gave u everything I could possibly think of…I worked hard to keep you happy and comfortable…I introduced you to friends and family..indeed u were my jewel..now..u have begun a display I struggle hard to fathom..u choose to disappoint me at will with little or no regard for all I have done and still do for you…just this morning we were having so much fun or so I thot, until we came across a bump and u started again…forgetting that I had just worked on you about a week ago..u have done this so many times before and I have over-looked..its getting too painful..Zoe..u dey fall my hand o

Well, I still love you and am happy I have you..and I’ll never be sorry for an instant that you came into my life…but I will appeal to you to remember how we started and move on together from there..we can’t go back to the way things were…but we can move forward abeg Zoe, am begging you infront of blogsville, try for me, let your silencer behave itself..I can’t stand that horrible sound it makes and that I cant speed..I cant stand that it chops my fuel and then I have to endure another inconvenience of taking transport to work..Please zoe please..I need you in tip top condition..be a good girl, and I’ll be a good girlfriend…


32 comments on “"I still love you"

  1. na ur car be zoe?e don dey do u wey titi do me tooendure

  2. EWOOOO…….. i don pity u sef. Say who b dis guy wei no get sense n de treat my gal badly, na wen i see Zoe i realise na ya moto. Oh well if she is hurting u den u got let her av surgery, dats d only way she can heal. she must b in pain too. lol. pele dear.

  3. IBD yes zoe is my ride oooo..abeg make she slow down for me..thanks bro:)nikkisab hahahahahaha got u dint I? I got dat inspiration from d likes of jinta and am arranging for her “surgery” ASAP!!! tansk darling…:D

  4. hahahhahahahahahha…A love letter to my car….that should be the name of the post….haba Zoe, behave now…we are all begging u…

  5. hahahahaha Zoe no fall onome hand nah, abeg! …lolol na really “let your silencer behave itself”… lolol

  6. lol!Zoe abeg pity my sister na.Onome so na u get that moto wey dey do zrooom zroooom gbroooma for main road ehn.lol!

  7. Na car be this?! Cheeii…As I was reading, I kept thinking what that ‘bump’ was about. Hmm…my mind wandered a bit too far. I thought perhaps you & your partner were going at it when he discovered a breast lump=bump and he got upset if you were going to get ill & leave him. God forbid o! but that was what came into my mind…HAHAHHAA..Anyhow, it is really sweet that you & your car have such a special connection. LOL

  8. That was a good one! LOL! Almost or should I say everybody got fooled thinking it was a dude…not knowing it was actually a car…lol.Good piece..caught me off balance real good!

  9. @afrobabe:abi????? no worry we go soon reconcile soon(lol)@nwayiocha:thanks jare:-)@princesa:ahh nooo ooooo no be me ooo(lmao)@anyaposh:really God Forbid!(lmao) I like u big time babes(lol)@lolu kosh:gracias…inspiration came from bloggers(lol)

  10. Onome so na you and zoe dey disturb our neighbourhood everymorning, make i catch una again,lol!nice post sha, keep it up

  11. so na moto!?take ya time o! see as i de read wan hear gist.hmm yes i be amebo lolabeg zoe hear ya madam o! she go buy biscuit abi na oil or fuel bokuboku for u lol

  12. @ladyguide:please ma bear with us(lol) thanks lovely:-)@ozofub:abi ooooooooo thank u dear:-)@TLKOS:thanks for yer support bro;-)

  13. u talkin bout your car??? and i thot u had gone and fallen in love.

  14. @anon gal:aaahh!! make God no gree me dat kain love life ooo(lol)

  15. Love good thing is it can be given to anyone/anything

  16. u don join jinta dey make love 2 car????? abeg, make una go get bobo/babe! which kain thing b dis na… hissing long & hard

  17. @be silent:shey???@freeflowingflorida:hahahahahahahaha……..u sure sey u wan hear bobo gist???na x-rated oooo(lmao)

  18. I like…I really like…We should all put up posts about what cars have done to us…Can you describe Zoe abeg?Are you the one we saw on TV flagging down cars for help after Zoe let you down on 3rd mainland bridge?Na wah for Zoe oh :PP.S. Your profile picture almost rendered me blind….

  19. maybe your car is not a lesbian. sex-change her to monsuru or akarigbo and you might get better service

  20. @tobenna:no ooooooo e no reach to flag down cars for 3rd mainland ooooo and is d shirt pic thingie a compliment?;)@jinta:lmao..really monsuru or akarigbo(lol)….no i’ll think of janded guy names;)

  21. You had me going for a bit:)Hope Zoe makes it…

  22. Zoe, please behave yourself and act according to your name nah..

  23. Chei so ur car is the Zoe. Lol.Lovely weekend.

  24. LMAOOOOOOI wuz wondering if u be lesbo or somn

  25. @uzezi:yes ooo but i wan change d name to guy name…(lol)@la reine:hahahahaha…she has now actually or shall i say HE has;-)@oluwadee:hahahahahaahaha..not for long..looking for a guy name befittin for a car@sha::me?????lesbo??? haaaa!!! am so heterosexual(lol)

  26. i was tryin to catch up on old gist, wasnt going to comment on the old posts until i get to the latest one but this witty post on ur car made be reconsider my decision,this cracked me up real goodhowdy madam?

  27. @ms emmotions:(lol)…..glad u liked it..am fine o how u?

  28. funny u…..nice post u have here…….i’m glad its ur ride. Initially ,me tot u were som lesbo. ZOE MUST BEHAVE O!

  29. @tayo:me?? a lesbo??? NEVER!!!!!but tanx for stoppin by, glad u like d blog:-)

  30. Hmmmmmmm, I first thot gay-ism then I realised it was zoom zoom (lol). Must a girl always represent a car?

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