hope i can keep this cos i already have anoda blogpage..wat’s d reason behind a second i wonder especially since its diff from my onome page(as in it has a diff address)….well primarily its as a result of boredom, it also has to do with am just a web junkie visiting as many websites as i can, opening as many accounts as i can etc etc..dat said, what am i going to do here? blab over nothing? paste articles, talk about my interests(life, love, money)? i truly wonder…well, let’s just see how it goes shall we??;-) [no smileys:-<]


6 comments on “hmmmm

  1. Girl wetin dey do u,na u dem make internet for(laughs)
    just wanted to holla.take care.

  2. @nene: i no know oooooo i jus wan see wetin dis page be like oooo(lol)..thanks for stopping bye ooo na d first time i don ever see u comment for my blog(lol)

  3. i never see this one b4 oo
    this one is fine sha
    but blogville(blogger.com) rocks

  4. thanks anibodude i know blogsville rocks but dis place aint so bad…..its quiet but it aint so bad

  5. Lovely…I just found a new one I am really liking but the site is not ready…

  6. really???? share da link love:D

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