Brands and Labels

Today I write dis to say I DONT CARE…I LIKE IT!!!! It’s directed to all those to who don’t approve of what I did…ehh eehh eerrrmmm(clearing throat)
my story…i have someone who personalizes tops for me and i’ve had d luxury of having my name in bold print on one of my tops…now i make two new tops one of which has D’BANJ written boldly across d chest and at d back…and I proudly sport it to work today being a dress down day….

Now, whilst I dont need “oohs aaahhhsss ‘ure u beautiful’ nice top etc”(ok maybe i do just a little bit>:p), I MOST DEFINITELY DO NOT NEED “are u dbanj? wetin consain u with dbanj, why is his name on ur shirt, which kain work u carry for head dey do free advert for dbanj? how u go wear dbanj for tshirt?” etcetc….I determined not to let it spoil my mood but dese guys are sooooo almost getting me der…SO…for all y’all dat don’t like it…..I DONT CARE!!!!! In fact am so provoked ave decided all my tops from now on will have one celeb or the other, nigerian and international…let’s see them talk and talk until they become tired!!!!!
psssshheeeeaaaaawwww(O yes am dat pissedddd)…but I’m still proud of the shirt…am pissed bcos I mean, I have seen shirts with things like “Guns and Roses”, “Strokes”, etc etc….dose are Rock Bands and no one says a word…now I wear Dbanj who am a diehard fan of and I hear things I dont need…well wa’eva..who ever wants to talk should feel free because what I have on is my decision and no one else’s……

Well, now dat ave gotten d rant out of the way, I can go back to work(hehehehehehe)

I jus added dis now so u guys will see it(lol)..wasnt able to do so last week


43 comments on “Brands and Labels

  1. Ah! Madam, no vex abeg. There’s this bad-belle song dat was popular around d East dat is translated thus ‘never mind them, d mouth that speaks evil shall one day speak good’. Na so e be. Pple no dey like mind dem business

  2. @florida:lol babes…tansk jare i no go even answer anybody..by d time i put shakira, beyonce, and things dey’ll know how far

  3. me raise my hand for salute for you my sister.

  4. uzezi is dat good or bad????(lol)

  5. all that, and you didn’t post a picture of the shirt?

  6. LOLOLOL – abeg wear your dbanj top in peace!!!

  7. O girl no shaking…do your thing meen. Me I need design one wey say “kokolet” for front and back.

  8. @jinta:I jus put am now…I snap only chest I pray sey I no make mistake oooo(worried)@nwayiocha:abiiiiiiiiii?? me no send am soooooo grooving dat top@archiwiz:sheeeeyyyy?? dats an idea oooo

  9. my sister i have ordered enuf printed tops 4 me. one even reads mrs drogba. nothin do u

  10. @anon gal:thanks jare…i no mind see dat mrs drogba t-shirt ooo(lol)

  11. They a probably jealous freaks wishing u were wearing their names.. do yo thing…

  12. My question is not “Are you dbanj?” My question is “why Dbanj dey ur chest???”Hmm Onome….I hesitate to ask this question but “Is that where you want the koko master when u meet him?:-)I think I’ll get me a tee shirt…but I am not hot for any celeb….hmmm wonder what I’ll write…any ideas???

  13. Onome you’re welcome ohh…Na wa…see as you jus bamboozle pesin with your ‘girls’ as ur page load…:) @ afrobabe – you should write “beans?” on your chest and wear to a Nigerian reunion…Now that will strike up a conversation.

  14. Onome, abeg next time give me some warning. See as I open page and two breast come greet me. Stop am oo. LOL.Anyhoo… I want a printed shirt too. Just dunno what I want on it yet.

  15. @be silent::HA!!! in dia dreams(mao)) good one @afrobabe:i want d world to see and as to me wanting him der…mmmm i comment my reserve@archiwiz:no ooo na d angle i take d pic from e dey too close(hahaha)@vera ezimora:no oooooo no be so hahahahahaha i go try dey careful wen next i dey snap myself(lol)

  16. whats wrong with them, its a nice shirt, shwu, if like say the shirt wowo, ehen.anyway, who cares, nah u they were am, if they want let am consign them, their businesshow u dey,its like i havent been here in a while.

  17. speaking of shirts i ordered the sean john “no bitchassness” T.shirt,hehe

  18. @ archiwiz : beans keh…what does that mean…a whole fine babe like me…beans kuh…should be writing stuff like chesse cake…hot cake or even eba sef!!!

  19. Hmmmm that gives me an idea….I think I’ll write….PRODUCT OF EBA ON EACH BOOB errrrmmmm teeshirt!!

  20. @fresh and fab:hey dear long time, where’ve u been?@afrobabe: no no i have an idea write…eba on one boob den ur best soup on d oda(lol)…now DAT will strike up a conversation anywhere anyhow(lol)

  21. first and foremost onome becos na dat one i first notice before i even notice the name. nice bust jare your children no go hungry..lolsecondly you’ve officially been kokoleted which isn’t a bad thingthirdly an most importantly wats your phone number?

  22. @sasuke:thanks for d compliment…and my number??? hmmm send an email and we’ll take it from der(wink)

  23. I love d breast shirtsorry i mean tshirt lol!!! No mind pple o!!!

  24. @nikkisab:hahahahahaha gracias mami gracias

  25. how do i get your email?

  26. @sasuke na babe u dey toast for here?Oneme, nice boobs…er …sorry top,lol!

  27. @sasuke:give me urs..i’ll send u a mail@princesa: thanks to both(hehehehe)

  28. hahhahahahah…good idea…eba on one boob and egusi on the other…..lmao…that would be some conversation starter…hahahahahaha.. I think I might just do it for kicks…lets see how the spirit leads…

  29. just passing through i followed afro babe, hope u dont mind and do get back to work

  30. U must b seriously vexed.I like the top sha.

  31. @afrobabe:heeheeheehee..it’ll be fun u’ll see@torrance::hehe tanks for stopping by:)@oluwadee:i was then oooo but all d comments and all have long soothed me:) thanks though:-)

  32. @ prisca, kia ! na boobs nice abi? i tot it was suppose to be the top gal…lol@ onome, me i like the Dbanj on the top…lol

  33. dont mind em, the same people asking stupid questions are those with ‘HILFIGER’ plastered on their shirts. is hilfiger their name as well? some people can be so retarded

  34. @ms emmotions:thanks dol@TLKOS: thanks 🙂

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. u just want to use style and show us ur tatas..lol i like the shirt tho…can i have it??..lol

  37. @unwritten:wetin u come mean now ehhnn?? no u cant have d shirt>:-p

  38. hmm bad belle full everywere sha,dont mind them at all. I wish i had someone to be personalizing shirts for me, i have so many ideas/slogans.

  39. madam, u know say i no know say na ur boobies i dey stare @. hmmm, my dear o. some heavily hormoned gentlemen dey dis blogville o

  40. @DO-OG:really???? hmmmm@florida:hehehehehehehe……dey’re everywhere not just on blogsville(lol)

  41. Your office people no dey try. The focus shouldnt have been on the writing “D Banj” but on what D Banj was covering. Dont mind all those black belle people, the T-Shirt is fine jare

  42. @supergirl:*loud hysterical laffta* if na dat one dem don look am tire(hahahahahahahahaha)so maybe dats y dey just focused on dbanj(LOL)

  43. ewo, are those breastesess?chei, see as bobbies just deh blind my eyez!onome, na u biko – u’r the chestlady-in-chief!

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