Today am going to complain bitterly about my experience last night at the A.Y Live Show…..

no 1…..we were kept standing outside for about 2hrs bcos the hall wasnt ready, subsequently, the show meant to start at 5pm started at almost 7…y?? ask d organisers……den comedians like Akpos, Gordons, Ali Baba, etc etc came out to entertain the irate audience, Stella Damascus and Kate Henshaw-Nuttal(is it?)..also tried in wow-ing us, two dance groups performed although I personally prefered the second, den the culprit himself(A.Y) came out and performed also, and den we had P-Square who almost lost the attention of the crowd to an apparent gay couple(dey could have been fooling the crowd, but dey did a damn good job cos i found their display quite repulsive…although some members of d audience were so amused they recorded some moves…I deliberately kept my face away from dem….) after dat(sigh)…we d audience expected more comedians like Klint De Drunk, Gandoki as promised on d flyer…..or even Akpos who said he would be back after his intial act…or at least anoda performance by maybe 9ice, or D’banj or who else??? I don forget…but after P-Square A.Y came out thanked us for coming and told us d show was over..initially no one moved cos we felt it was a joke..but we realized they were serious wen d hall lights came on and the crew started dismantling their stuff… I wish the likes of carlang, isi, anon gal, afrobabe, or even jinta had been there….the story would have been told better(no offense meant guys..i just mean i love the way u guys tell ur stories)


25 comments on “Cheated!!!!!!!!

  1. Eya! u must av been gutted. Hp the tickets were not 2 expensive o??

  2. @oluwadee: i was gutted and d money i paid was not worth wat i got:-(

  3. lmao….sad but funny…you should have found a way to get to the stage and curse the living daylights out of them….sorry jare…next time allow man pay!!!

  4. Pele o dearie…it happens once in a while…hope you had fun on the whole sha?

  5. lmao, okay , yes it aint funny ,just take it as one of those things, naija and crase..,lolhope u are doing sha?

  6. So in a nutshell it wasd not fun. u see thats why a lil alcohol helps u thru such shows. u are tipsy so efri thin is funny. lol at u pple thot they were jokin. i watched an AY comedy on vcd.all i know is i wont watch anor one.

  7. @Afrobabe:men..u’re so rite..i should not only have cursed dem, i’d have thrown the glass in my hand at dem(sigh)…so long sey no be anoda A.Y show sha….na clear job be dis one…@Nyemoni:would have had more fun if d show wasn’t cut short(sniff!)@Ms emmotions:am ok o mami how u? naija craze don take style too much@anon gal:if i was tipsy i’d have thrown my bottle at d stage…..

  8. LOL!! Onome darling take it easy abeg. U must have been really pissed. Its one of those things. No mind them jare!

  9. who is AY?and what do you mean by ‘even jinta’? that’s it, i’ve fallen out of love with you. (oops, i forgot i was supposed to be out of love already)

  10. Eya sorry. Why didnt they have the hall ready for show I’m sure they have been promoting for weeks in advance? Im sure even if the hall was ready the show still won’t have started at 5pm all in the name of ‘african time’. -Maybe the promoters sent the gay couple out there to distract you guys from noticing that half the entertainment they promised was not going to show up.

  11. @aijay:ahh!! my dear….dem no try but tansk@jinta:no matter how long or far we run, we cant stay away from each other…dat just shows i was thinking of u wen i wrote d post(lol)….o and AY is a comedian@dat one okrika:are u minding dem(lmao)…men if u had seen dat display ehnnn?? O GOD!!!LMAO

  12. onome no vex oh but them dudes done open office for una head.dats wat i call’not getting your moneys worth’those guys lucky say no be benin or warri dem 4 try that kin stunt. na bluetoothing for get themsorry abt the time wastage jare! na nigeria we dey

  13. @sasuke:hahahahahahahahaha abi?? dose guys too get luck!! mcheeeeww!! its all good sha…God dey

  14. dem dey craze. can u imagin? u shouldn’t have turned away from the gay stuff. That ought to have been entertaining abi. A.Y no well oh! assuming I still be journalist now, na this can stories we dey like. Headline. ‘A.Y – A FRAUDSTAR IN THE MAKING.’

  15. did i say i have updated?

  16. @uzezi:I was too vexed to watch… I just felt is was sheer madness…which kain play be dat so dem go dey touch demselves, unbutton dia shirt?? chic i too vex…and its true…someone should have written about it..’twas a full SCAM..complete JOB!!….I don see ya update(hehehe)

  17. babes! u try o! i have never been to any ‘crowded gig’ where i have to be seated! i always feel dat i’d never be able to really enjoy myself….i may end up sitting behind someone with a headgear as elaborate as madam kofos’…or a thief who’ll steal something when am not looking…or some crazy over-zealous fan screaming and laughing aggressively at every feaking joke or music….ok, so u feel cheated abi? no worry i dey go wear my trouser… just wait for me! lol!!!

  18. oh what a shame, i hate when they promise what they cant do.they oviously run out of time and gave you guys nonsence, i would have asked for my money back,lol..who go greeanyway, hello onomo, you have a very nice blog here.

  19. lolllll…Pele. Hate to say this, but I always expect “such” (so I always have plan A and plan B). Lol. No be naija show?

  20. @ jaycee 0 – that’s not fair. it’s not all that go so wrong. it’s just that when it goes wrong, they should try and make it up to the people who spent money.

  21. onome, where art thou? Happy Easter

  22. gay couple did u say???

  23. @jaycee and uzezi:mm!! mm hmm!!! make A.Y no worry..next year he go see!!!@uzezi(again)…am rite here love happy easter to u too(hugs)@tintin:dey sure acted like gays…like i said dey could have been fooling d audience..now i truly wish i had taken at least a picture

  24. i knw how you feel cos i was jobbed to in that show.

  25. @vox: for real??!!!!! i swear am so pained every time i remember it!!

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