Lets Do Something

Since ave been restricted from a lot of sites, I decided to ask some questions I found online but couldnt get to see their answers(u can guess why)…..so I want to hear what YOU think ok???

Here we go(ahem):

Would you stay if your sweety strayed(if he/she cheated and you found out whether he/she told u or not)?

What are the three worst movie endings you remember?

Is it wrong to date your friend’s ex??

What’s the best way to console a friend with pre-wedding jitters?

How do you manage your newly married friends?

What would you do if you discovered your friend was into illegal business?

OK lets not ask too many questions before it ends up as a questionnaire…. wen am satisfied with enough responses I’ll give my answers :-p (heeheehee)……

oya!! answers guys….am waiting


12 comments on “Lets Do Something

  1. **cracking fingers and strtching to prepare for seriously long comment!**1. It depends on whether the partner is truly apologetic and whether the love is not gone.2. Worst movie endings – Planet of the Apes (the new version was the worst flick ever), Batman Forever (another horrible movie), and…3. It depends on the level of friendship and how intense their relationship was. 4. Take her/him out for drinks and loads of partying. Have brunch the following morning and engage in heated discussion. Take it from there…5. Give them lots of honeymoon space. You know why, lol!6. How illegal? If it isn’t too bad, then I would encourage him/her to stop before contacting police. If na serious matta, then na anonymous phone call to the cops…Yes, oh…I don’t play…

  2. 1. It depends on a lot of things… with whom, if they were caught or confessed, if they can honestly say it will never happen again or if thats a part of their life2.The first Saw… you just new there were going to be a million more of them; i cant think of anymore right now3. YES… especially if there was lov e involved… but time is a factor here as well… if its 10 plus years since you dated the friend I think they should be over the situation by then where it shouldnt be a problem4.I have no idea… give them of a shot of petron… I’m not too good at consoling.5. Dont have any6. keep it on the low and make sure they know not to have me in or around it 7.

  3. 1: depends on if the guy really really tried to hide it from me.if i felt he did i would never bring it up.like when i found out my guy cheated on me from papers in his bin..how the hell do u even mention it?lol2:most nigerian movies…3:yes its wrong, its not worth the hurt.4:ask her if she would rather remain single?5:they can be as annoying as new mothers…so tell her to shout the fuck up.6:Join him!!!7:oh, no number seven???? na the person on top i dey copy ohlol

  4. 1. End of relationship. 2. Bourne Ultimatum3. Yep4. ‘Dont get married’5. I dont6. Generate some distance.

  5. hahahahahahahaha ooo u guys…am feelin’ y’all ok more! more!!am about to send mine in….(hehehe)

  6. 1. nope.2.cube.cube.cube.fuckin’movie.3.yes.4.make fun of them.5.make fun of them.6.probably become his lawyer.

  7. @freaksho: hmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!! d jigga himself stopped by……omo!!!! today na special day o(lol)…thanks dude:-)

  8. 1)I doubt it, but one can never tell how we would react in such circumstances.2)Love story(why the hell did she have to die? I still cry anytime I see it) can’t remember any other.3)All is fair in Love and War. I couldn’t care less.4)I don’t do such5)Same as above6)Advice to stop and then move as far away as possible.

  9. @waffarian: u dont keep married friends??(confused!!!) hmm!! o well, tansk for stopping by

  10. i dunno,you can get so caught up in a relationship and start to act like a fool,depends on how much i like her.and if shes sorry,of causeerm i cant remeber,they always end well i guessi dont know,neva been in dat position,but i shouldnt think so.i dont know,i realli dnt know,neva been in the positioni dunno(how boring am i)i will warm them that if they call my hse if police arrest them,i will deny them

  11. @fresh and fab:u ain’t boring(lol)

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