weird things i’ve learnt about myself


one: i talk a lot..online..offline..anyline…am ur man!!!

two: i can spend d whole day browsing..where??? d same places(my email, my blog page, facebook etc) yet i call myself a web junkie(psheeeaaaaw)

three: i lose weight by falling ill after gaining a specific amount of weight

four: i’ve been talking about swimming forever and i STILL HAVENT STARTED SWIMMING

five: i can talk to a stranger as easily as i can talk to a friend about ANYTHING!!(except diabolical things of course)

six: am a phone freak…even if am using a nokia e90 i’d keep going on and on about phones as if i wanted one of every kind(sometimes i do want one of every kind (lol)

seven: d same applies to cars and houses(lol)

eight: this was composed out of pure boredom. i had no idea of wat to write when i started, and i have no idea wat to write now..so i wonder if this post should be taken seriously…..

so those who tagged me to write dis hope this qualifies???

nine: i arrange my money in my wallet….according to denominations and how new they are…I just remembered so am adding this one(hehehehehe)


13 comments on “weird things i’ve learnt about myself

  1. you are truely bored! LOLcome, let me cure ur boredom 😀

  2. @unnaked:gracias mucho sir, pero ningún gracias(hehehehehe)

  3. I had you marked as a car freak. Phones and houses too? After my own heart.

  4. @jinta: hehehehehehehe

  5. I am with u on the phones…cars?????I only know them by colours… I want a red one!!!

  6. LOL..It qualifies jor…Only those sites and you call yourself a web junkie? LOL..Cas me, and I’ll give you some cool sites to visit! ;-)I’m with you on swimming and to think I am from Rivers State!

  7. @afrobabe:hehehehe babes good to know:) @nyemoni:abeg I dont mind dem sites….bring dem on:)

  8. onome, u didnt really say any wierd thing o. maybe cept falling ill to loose weight.im coming back to look for sumthing really wierd.

  9. @femme: really??hmm…we’ll look for weirder things later on…maybe a sequel..wat say u?

  10. 🙂 thanks for stopping by Onome!! I’ll definitely take your advice on the men issue!!!

  11. @sassy: hey thanks dearie…’preciate da visit

  12. Lol!I like the money one, Hahaha!!!!Anyway i hope you are still not bored?

  13. @nneka’s world: hehehehe thanx dear, trying not to be.

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