30 Days of Thankfulness

Today’s the last day in November…and I decided to do MY 30days of Thankfulness today(that’s wat it is right??) This is almost the end of the year and looking back all I see is God’s Handwork in my life…His love and faithfulness are indeed forever. I give him all the Glory… So here goes

Father in heaven I thank You for everything.Father I thank You for the gift of life; I am grateful each day I wake up hale and hearty. So I thank You Father for my life today and for everyone who’s reading this post.

Father I thank You for Your Love, It has kept me whole. With You I’ve come to realise what love is. Your love is true, overwhelming, selfless and above all it’s unconditional. You are love.It’s hard to understand how a Holy being can love a sinner like me. It’s phenomenal, it’s simply beautiful. I thank & love You Lord.

Father I thank You for Your constant Protection and Guidance.How else could I have been kept safe from harm all these years? By luck? I don’t think so. You’ve given Your angels charge over me. You’re always there for me. I’m more than thankful.

Father I thank You for Your mercy. You know all the times I’ve gone astray and been afraid to pray to You for fear that You’d ignore me, or for fear that I’d hear Your voice admonishing me for going astray. Instead, You reminded me that You are a merciful God while You patiently awaited my return, and when I did, You welcomed and received me with open arms and told me how pleased You were to have me back. I thank you Lord.

Father I thank You for my family – Your gift to me. May Your Blessings and Favour remain with us. I thank You especially for my parents. You know how much I love them. Father, please keep them for many years to come. I thank you for my step parents. They made me see life in a new light. I thank you for my siblings. I can’t find the right words to express how much I love them. I thank you for the strong bond we have.

I thank you for my friends. You know how much I appreciate them & how special they are to me. I believe we’re in each others’ lives for a purpose. May your Blessings and Favour remain with them all.

Father I thank You for Your Blessings. You’ve blessed me so much, in ways that I’m even unaware of. You’ve Blessed me abundantly, more than I even need. I thank You. I know there are loads of people who will give anything to live just one day in my life. I never lack cos You’re my Provider. I’m so grateful.

Father I thank You for Your Grace. I’m who I am today by Your Grace. Your Grace is sufficient for me. I’m thankful for my Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. I thank you that I’ve got you Jesus. Knowing You is the best thing that has happened to me. You made me realise that without You life is futile. My life is in Your hands and so I can’t fall. I thank You for my faith in You. You’ve remained faithful. I’m sooo thankful Father. I can’t thank you enough…

So who’s going to be tagged???? as many as havent done theirs…take time out to reflect and appreciate The Lord your God…
Remain Blessed…

remaining 8 or more weird things about me..


7 comments on “30 Days of Thankfulness

  1. Babe, we thank God for ur life…

  2. @Afrobabe: well its God I thank..He made me who I am

  3. Nice work…I thank God with you as well..Take care!

  4. NICE.we thank God 4 givin u the grace to tank him.

  5. @nyemoni: thanks a lot ma’am how’ve u been?:)@anonymous gal: honestly(lol)

  6. Ol’ girl’ long time no see…but I join you in thanking God.

  7. @solomonsydelle: yes o babe..tansk a lot!!!!

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