an intriguing character……

This is an interesting write up I came across:

You see the thing about Bobby is…..He’s very easy to understand but hard to predict; generous to a fault; caring and addictive in a funny sort of way. Simply put, he is mildly contagious……Easy to love, easy to hate. If he likes you, its because of you and the qualities you possess. If he loves you, its because you understand him. Only then will you get the best of him b’cos he’ll go out of his way for you(no doubt). Though most times, people mistake his likeness for love[cant blame them…nice guys are hard to find, and there’s only one that can be compared to him….him!]…so they try to please Bobby instead of trying to understand him..and when he returns the gesture, they mistake it for love and then they try to take it a step further by trying to own him.
Now there’s nothing wrong with the desire if wanting to own something(or someone) special……its only human!! but it so happens that when they desire to own Bobby without a proper understanding of the kind of dude he really is, the end result is usually catastrophic cus it always leads to emotion:extreme hate!! why?? cos we hate wat we dont understand.
Talking about hate, Bobby can’t say he hates anybody, but he simply does not associate himself with people that roll in the negative. People that only say bad things about others, or only rejoice in people’s weaknesses….[its funny how they turn around and blow a fuse when people talk about them….and they are often linked to people that pretend a lot..makes no sense, cos in the end all that matters is time cos the longer an individual relates with others, the sooner the true habits pop out]….
So if you happen to get a wrong vibe from Bobby, there’s a 100% chance that you fall into such category. Now when Bobby is happy with you he doesnt sense your flaws, even when you keep poking at his. If he’s not happy with you he will simply avoid you..no big deal[not that it matters anyway cos we all have flaws…yes, including the f***ing self righteous Bobby].
You really don’t want to see him when he’s pissed off, let alone be the one to put him in that state..don’t get it twisted, he’s very easy to amuse and could be the most difficult to annoy but you will definitely suceed if you push him hard enough[just like some have done in the past]..but its usually not funny and it comes with a guarantee: you will regret it!(they always do)………Easy to love…easy to hate..He respects people a lot and when he does see people that share the same virtue, he respects them even more and that, is partly why he’s so f***ing hard to understand; but he does make one thing clear though: he knows exactly what he wants! It’ll be wrong to think you know him well enough. If only you can understand, it’ll all come to you.
So, feel free and holla at your boy today….perhaps i might be wrong!!!


23 comments on “an intriguing character……

  1. Hmm…My ex bastard (boyfriend) was like that…easy to love, easy to hate. An enigma of sorts. And once you hated him, you couldn’t love him again.

  2. Almost first…ok let me have a read…

  3. ok…who is Bobby?And wht are we so interested in him?Hating, loving or observing from afar?

  4. @rayo: aaaaaww…sorry to hear dat but thanks for stopping by@afrobabe:my chic Bobby is the intriguing character..and dats d reason for d interest(lmao)and finally am doing neida from afar(hehehe)….how u dearie???

  5. Rayo…. how could you call your x- lover bastard,,,,,,,

  6. onome…. my first time here…very nice story…..what of ladies…

  7. @gerald: thanks for coming and dont attack rayo..u dont know wat she suffered in her ex’s hands… now how do u mean wat of ladies?? u want me to put in a lady’s post here?

  8. @ Gerald: You know how it actually started? I was telling someone about him after we broke up and instead of saying ex-boyfriend, I said bastard by mistake. You know what though, it was very fitting of him, because he had always been a bastard, I just didn’t realize it until later.@Onome: Thanks for defending me.

  9. @rayo again: welcome but am quite sure dis guy’s nothing like ur ex..at least from the ‘little’ ave heard from u and wat i know of him(hehehe)

  10. i know somebody who’s exactly like bobby…i think i’ll tell him to come check this out!

  11. @Isi: madam d madam wata gwan??? good to see u again(lol)…ur friend is free to visit anytime(lol)

  12. Who is this about… Bobby Brown???LOL!

  13. Am ok…lol@ Ebonne…Bobby Brown indeed…he certainly fits the character,… na on second tot she is too wild…

  14. @Ebonne: no dearie@Afrobabe: who’s too wild?? me or Bobby Brown(lol)

  15. HMM IM so sure i know Bobby.

  16. @anonymous gal: really chic?? u may need to contact me and tell me all u know(hehehehehehe)

  17. na Bobby jare, must have been having a bad spelling day, dont know how “she” and “Bobby” came to be on the same page..lol…too much scotch in my tea!!!

  18. @afrobabe: scotch in ur tea??!!!(lmao) babe!!! ekun gbadun o

  19. Hmm, Reminds me a lot of someone….Easy to love and easy to hate, but hey that just him.So who be this bobby

  20. @nneka’s world: lmao…he’s an intriguing character!!!!

  21. If you marry bobby _______, God bless you ……. Cool dude though. the kinda guy you fall for but he insists, “lets just be friends….”

  22. @miss hotbody:(roflmao)….babe u rock!!!! u got dat guy IN and OUT!!!(lol)…we have a winner!!!!(hehehehe)

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