Na wa o

Only extreme situations we experience or hear of that blow our minds prompt us nigerians to verbally exclaim the above popular, non-english[what we nigerians refer to as pidgin english] phrase na wa o”…… what has prompted this you wonder?? Is she a perpetual whiner, complainer, etc etc?……ok second question first,…NO I AM NOT!!!!! First question next, the thing is in my office, I was once priviledged with roaming round the web….So much, that when I first opened this account, my catch phrase under my name was “touring the web”[catchy innit?]….I opened accounts with NDL, Facebook, Myspace, Blogspot, Tagged, Hi5 etc etc…..and I could keep myself soo oo busy hopping from one account to the other…….NOW!!!!! My office for some reason has decided to cut short our priviledges…I’m told half bread is better than none, and I quite agree, because now all my websites from facebook, to hi5 to NDL etc, have all been restricted..(that means my access has been blocked). So when I come to work, I can only access my emails, my blog page…and google(lol) I wonder where I’ll be going from there…but wen am sooooo bored and I want to go somewhere to keep me busy, not to mention catch up on where I’ve left off especially on facebook(sniff! sniff!! whimper!! I miss facebook.. waaaaaaaaaahh!!) all I have is here…….kai! na wa o!! But am not complaining anyway, cos am feeling the bloggers I’ve met so far and still meeting, so hey!! half bread really is better than none yes??(lol)
I’ve been tagged by unnaked and i think aijay??? will update guys, me promise!!*wink*


16 comments on “Na wa o

  1. face your work… Half bread if better than full chin-chin 😛

  2. **half bread is better than full chin-chin

  3. @unnaked:o oo serious!!!! ra ra ooo(lol)….hi dear

  4. U no lucky say u get here n chats? Me wei na wuru wuru i use de enta chat room as dem block yahoo and i cant download nufin. But sorry u hear.

  5. @nikkisab:u’re so right dear..and thanks but i still cant wait to install internet at home….I WILL NOT BE FRUSTRATED!!!!(lol)

  6. I have a feeling mine will soon be blocked as well…for some reason my manager only comes around to my seat whne i am on face book or reading and SERIOUSLY commenting on blogs like my job depends on it…lol..can’t say I blame them though.

  7. @afrobabe: may God not allow it oo. cos its TORTURE!!!! anyhoo glad to see u again babes:)

  8. lolSorry dear.I dont know..this might be bad advise but i think there are sites that allow you browse restricted sites.they call them proxy servers.Use google and search for one.there are so many of them/There….Now i’ve done it.I’m in trouble..

  9. My thoughts, do you need some hankies!At least you still got blog

  10. lucky you, na wuruwuru i de use access chat sef, facebook and d rest na nada. blog sef na try ya luck.like dis comment na since i don de try post am….

  11. LOL..Loke unnaked said, half a loaf is better than full chin chin..LOL…Take care girl..

  12. Lol. Pele.Take Carl’s advice. Its his, not mine. Goodluck! Lol.

  13. @carlang: hey thanks for stopping by and thanks for d tip but am not sure dat will work eida….and no you’re not in trouble(lol)@30+: no thanks dearie but thanks for d offer(giggle)@hopeful B:na wa o wats with all dese servers and thingys(sigh!)@nyemoni:long time no saw madam..how u doing? thanks a lot@Aijay:(lol) abi ooo..thanks a lot darling, how u dey?

  14. GET BACK TO WORK!Actually there are one or two sites that can circumvent office security. http://www.proxify.com is an example.You will thank me later

  15. hi babes…my partner in mischief…

  16. @atutu: thanks sweetheart will attempt it later@afrobabe: halo darln’ how u today???

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