Inspired to…………………???????????

Am not exactly a copy-cat, but when I come across certain material, or experiences(is dat d word?) etc, I’m inclined to chip in a few things……like little kids telling stories and one shouts“….me too, me too….when I was …….” and dey ramble away. Well, today am just inspired to yack(as usual)….. over a few thingies I cant stop thinking of….and the top of the list is money. Now the Bible warns that the love of money is indeed the root of all evil, but it acknowledges that it answereth all things. So the biggie is how do I draw the line? Cos I look around me, I see fantastic things all over from clothing, to accessories, to automobiles, to electronics, etc and how do u get them? Money!!!! I keep thinking of places I want to see, activities I want to indulge in and how do I involve myself? Money!! I see how nicely women my age and older are dressed, how beautifully they’re taken care of..whether its via them or their guys but the bottom line is Money does answer all things …..no matter what it is…..after all, “good soup na money kill am”.

Number two thing on my mind really is a guy…….now am not bellyaching, neither am I whining or complaining, but am just saying or rather asking, or saying it would be nice to get mine right about now…know wat I mean bcos as usual, I look around me, I see happy(or so they seem) couples, chics proudly brandishing what they’re men bought for them…some go as far as driving their cars, I hear mushy stories….I hear not so mushy stories…and I look at myself and my experiences and I ask myself ‘What the Hell???’ Someone said you have to kiss a few frogs to get to your prince charming…..and I wont mind getting mine now…Although God’s time is the best and all that, and with a relationship comes responsibilities that I ask myself ‘Am I ready for??’ [Well, I think I am]………so I decided as I always do, to shut myself up till I start talking again to just relax and have as much fun as I can while I wait…..[Thank God for Zoe!!:-) so enough gbedun for me(lol)]

For now, those are the two main things I think of like all the time, at least Zoe is here so one is knocked off my list…..hehehehehehehehe.

Well, I’ll see u guys wen December begins….then wen can discuss our plans for the approaching Holidays……….(mwuah!)


20 comments on “Inspired to…………………???????????

  1. The lack of money is the root of all evil – I’ll see if I can get who said that.As for bobo, patience.

  2. @unnaked:(lol)@jinta: me know dearie(lol) thanks for coming again:-)

  3. hehehehe onome wants money and a correct bobo!nice wishes my sister. me too i need lots of money ( i don get the bobo so…). but my sis, no rush am o! shine ur eye well well. remember the cliched talk- not all that glitters is gold!how have u been?

  4. Onome…lol..babe..its just one of those days u want to get the ramblings outta ur head…as for the bobo part…its not the lack of men that is an issue..its the lack of men who fit the mental image you have in ur head….

  5. @isi: heeheehee me will dearie thanks…I’ll be good@afrobabe: u’re right dearie i do want to clear my head and er….thanks

  6. Onomsky, i think it’s the season my dearie…Xmas is coming; and it sucks if you dont have the money and da man. Ko’ eazzzzzzzzzzy!lol!!

  7. Lol. Tew funny.Abeg who no like money?As for the guy, why do I have a feeling u’ll be telling us a mushy story soon? Lol.FYI, my instincts are almost always right so…PS: Pls do the 30 days of thankfulness thing. Thanks 😉

  8. @nigeria politriks:hehehehehe I agree(lol) thanks for coming again@aijay: tansk lovely..me will try…AMEEEEEEEEEN oooooooo. may my mushy story come soon(giggle)

  9. My dear who does not want it….But sometimes life has loads of twists and turn to get to your chosen path, or if your lucky its just a straight road.But since winter is here, i ask myself which one would keep me warm:Money or Man:Hmm, money my dear, there is nothing like a healthy bank balance Lol

  10. LOL. Na who no like better ting? How are u my dear?

  11. @nneka’s world: hey babe!! thanks for stopping by….i agree dear a healthy bank account has a way of cheering u up(lol)@Atutupoyoyo:HALLELUYAH OO!!!!!! Thank God you’re ok dearie so good to hear from you again. Am good how are u?

  12. I so get u. Some mushy washy couples aint so dat attimes but nothin is eva smooth. Just b patient wit God’s delivery, sometimes He looks like Nipost but He’s really DHL. As for catching fun, call me let me join ur band wagon cos i don tire for routine.

  13. @nikki: my dear expect my call….but my main hunger now i no go lie na…..$$$$$$$$$$(lol)..

  14. You want dollars??? Well, i can relate. Just hang in there. You’re gonna get the money-man asap 🙂

  15. madam, take am easy, e go better.we all need money(especially this season) and for the bobo part, u go see no worry. this is your season to shine (atleast for money and bobo side) so shout a big AMENNN!!!!!

  16. @Hopeful B: hi dear@IBD: AAAAAAMEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNN OOOOOOOOOO I receive it with thanks(lmao)..how u dey na???

  17. Onome its okay to copy who doesnt. its also ok to want money and a bobo. my advice look 4 a bobo wit money- 2 4 the price of one.

  18. @anonymous gal:oo I am soooo feelin’ u babe!! nothin’ like a man with money…(lol)..I pray I find ooo..May God Help Me!!!

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