Dat’s d name of my new 2000 Honda Civic sedan dat arrived at 7.30pm sharp yesterday(not too sure though)…She came after much prayer, financial planning, being broke, etc etc…now she’s finally here….oooo am ecstatic……so ecstatic I brought her to work today but I din’t drive her myself..[i did d initial introduction when she came last night….as in a test drive] but dat’s gist for anoda day..the important thing is she’s here:-)…..pardon my not taking any pics…….am attaching a link to her look alike so u can have an idea…she’s an american spec, auto, metallic green beauty and she’s all mine!!!!

So look out lasgidi…….nyomsis is goin’ be ridin’ durrti an’ havin’ a blast…..

Silly me….my ultimate gratitude first and foremost to God Almighty, my parents for collabing their efforts especially my Dad, thanks to my elder sis for tolerating my bellyaching for a car, and telling me how to prepare for one….my gratitude specially to a fellow blogger for giving me the idea on how to actually acquire it….my gratitude to all friends and supporters for earnestly waiting for her arrival and rejoicing with me…..love u all and God Bless.

Let’s riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidddeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
link to see her is http://www.edmunds.com/honda/civic/2000/index.html


14 comments on “ZOE!!!!

  1. BIGGGG GUUURRRLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hello scrubber united (aka me) I go follow u jam lasgidi o, so where we rolling to eh!! Make sure u paint d town in rainbow colors!!! Congrats gal and welcome Zoe to the tropics

  2. Did I mention I was 1st? So dat grants me front seat on scrubbers union!! lol

  3. @nikkisab: yes oooooooooo babe!!!! na me with u jare nothing do us(lol)…thanks a lot chic cant wait to start d painting:-D

  4. Congrats!!!! and take good care of Zoe.

  5. The joy of a new car! So sweet. Take care of her oh!

  6. @aijay: tanx dearie i sure will:-)@chizom: muchos gracias for stoppin’ bye i sure plan to:-)

  7. congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!Can i pls get a ride when i land las gidi??? And in Jesus Name, Zoe will not stress you out. God will give you all the resources you need 2 treat her right and your partnership will be a perfect one in Jesus Name.. Amen!Zoe will be protected frm reckless Okada drivers, car robbers will not see her… crazy Lasgidi bus drivers will not hit Zoe in Jesus Name, Amen!!!!Congratulations once again!

  8. @2ndcorin5:17: AAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for dat prayer and yes, its possible for us to hook up;-)take care dearie:-)

  9. so, now that u finally have a car, are u going to change that blog pix of urs and replace it with, say, a cute guy’s pix? the next ‘thing’ to acquire. lol!!!!congrats dear!

  10. @Isi: thanks dearie…and am currently lookin’ for a nice pic to replace dat ride(lol)…but it wont be a guy…it’l eida be me or a sweeeet chic!!!!

  11. babes, what’s up?!!

  12. i dey oooo lovely how u? and how ur man?:-)

  13. So you named your Car Zoe, okayee lol.I am so happy for you, I can imagine how you must be tripping.

  14. @30+: thanks a lot:D..honestly tripping’s d word(giggle)

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