I’ve just realized I’m so accustomed to posting articles written by others, and I’m wanting something a little original so here goes…. The website I got this excerpt from talked about what ladies should do, and as usual I found myself checking dat which I’ve done and not done and I’m forced to wonder do these dating rules REALLY help?? I agree there are general guidelines but in a bid to follow soooooo many rules, is the relationship not bound to suffer a lot of lapses?? do guys ACTUALLY follow dating rules? or are chics the only ones who bother themselves with how happy they are, want to be, how they can make their SO,s happy etc…
Well, at the end of the day my own conclusion is that for MY relationship to succeed for me i’ll make MY RULES. Of course they’d be inspired by others but the thing is manipulate them all to a way that you’d be happy at the end of the day…….of course attitude too goes a long way bcos when an individual male/female goes into relationships with a superior or an inferior attitude, then there’s going to be a problem…but when there’s mutual respect and consideration for the other party, hopefully you should end up just fine with d the rules you make…look out for yourself while looking out for the other…dat’s one of my new rules….


4 comments on “Ramblings

  1. For me, it is always about respect. Without it, all relationships will fail. Nice post!

  2. agreed….dat falls under attitude too…one a superior attitude has NO respect for others and too much for self…inferior has NO respect for self and too much for others…but thanks for stopping by..

  3. my partner has to respect me. i cannot survive in an environemnt where i am treated less than i should be treated as a human being. nice post. oya come and play ten-ten on my blog nah!

  4. @isi: hahahahahaha thanks for stopping by dear…i posted comments on ur last 2posts..check! good to know am welcome at ur playground.:)

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