I hear a lot of the expression ‘wheat and chaff’ that chaff seems to be an apt topic for this post…. In guy issues(i.e relationships), there’s(or there are?) a whole lot of chaff(time wasters, opportunists, etc) floating around and quite unfortunately, they seem to land on our turfs a little too often. What are they like really? They’re expert camouflagers (right word?), and beautiful liars(i’d go into details but dis sort of says it all).
Now, why am I saying all this? It’s becos of a comment a friend of mine made…as friends, guys are FUUUUNNNN!!!! But as boyfriends(sigh!) chics have to put up with a lot of s***. A perfect example is d man dating(or claiming to date) someone i know(gossip :-p) he does nothing to show she means anything to him, waits for like a week, two or even more before resurfacing with flimsy excuses…of course one would scream ‘chuck him out’ and he will be too(if he’s not out already), but the point I’m trying to make is that chaff seems to be in such abundance, they tend to outnumber the wheat…who by the time they surface, we tend to regard as chaff till after a while we realize, ‘this just might be it’.. and it is becoming sooo depressing and discouraging encountering so much chaff and searching for(or waiting to be found by) the wheat…but, the wheat is out there, somewhere…and one woman’s chaff is another’s wheat..(lol). It’s just a matter of time, patience and firmness in knowing what you DON’T want, and abiding by it…………….


2 comments on “Chaff

  1. Facinating that u using a biblical analogy to describe a relationship. Sadly life is no bed of roses, if u believe dat den u will also know dat shit happens to the best and worse of us. Now u know my guiding rules to life then hear me-hear me ;guys are far more complicated dan gurls,d only reason de say we r is cos we cry n do some oda drama. Tell ur friend to stay hopeful cos one of dese days she will see only wheat. Stay positive.

  2. heeheehee e show sey i fear God.

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