Can you remember?

I joined this website called meetnigerians.net and der are so many clubs there with funny names for people with different interests..some topics are quite hilarious, others are like yuck! Anyyyyyyway one particular club called dreamlove asked me a question and i decided to ask you……
Can you remember the SILLIEST question you’ve ever been asked? By who, where and when? Feel free to share it with us (if u care :D…….)


5 comments on “Can you remember?

  1. Here’s a question I never did bother answering when i was asked by ‘a friend’ who was around for a night…you only want to sleep with me don’t you?

  2. hahahahahahahahahahaha sessumahru dat means u did hahahahahahaha BUSTED!!!!!!!

  3. during my last birthday, the manager of the joint where we were hanging out asked me a silly question when i went to pay for the drinks:…..so u r one year older today abi?(as against..)

  4. HEH HEHHEEEH!!!as against still being the same age…duuhhhh.heh heh heh

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