My previous post, I stole from a forum cos I liked all it said about what a woman should be able to do and all that and couldnt help a mental comparison between myself and this ‘ideal woman[so to speak]’.
First of , I dont have a screw driver and a cordless drill but i do have a black lacy bra(lol)….
Secondly, I dont have a drop dead gorgeous outfit should d president or perfect date expect me in an hour……neida do i have to money to move into an apartment of my own should d need arise………men being d pigs dey are sometimes(pardon me guys) tend to ruin d friendships as dey ruin relationships(guys pls note i said sometimes) so when we break up, there’s nothing left….and my childhood though gone can never be forgotten.
Where the hell am I going with all this u might ask……. this is just few of the numerous things women ‘are supposed to have’ but in stark reality do not…it doesn’t make us less women. Yes we should strive to be attain all those(or should we?) but at the end of the day…….we are who we are:special, intelligent, gentle,beautiful etc…….and it is unchanged by whether or not we’ve met d criteria given below…dont get me wrong am not encouraging laziness, sloppiness, or plain stupidity…..but I am saying do not flog yerself or rate urself below average at any time for any reason despite whatever circumstance might be dictating at dat time…. aiight? šŸ˜‰ oo and guys…..this applies to u too :-p


8 comments on “Hmmmm…………….

  1. WHOO HOO.’dats sayin it ..xactly as it shld be said. not having, doing, or attaining these supelofty goals.. does not make you less of a woman. just be the best you can… in your own sphere and remember.. there are those who love you.. anyway:)

  2. yeee hawwww….thanks efemena…. YOU ROCK!!!(lol)

  3. ye..ess, i sorta do rock.. dont i?

  4. nice postwomen are specialwhether they make it to the top or just ordinary housewivesthey are always special

  5. right on….Ibo dude….danke schaun….did i mention it was original?:D(thank you..thank you…)


  7. kai…..am feeling like one genius today…tank u all ooooooo…(it’s good to know der’s something upstairs [lol])……

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