When driving, people tend to avoid drivers with the ‘L’ sign dangling behind and before them bcos of it’s meaning….Learner!!! I drove myself to Onikan to do my hair on Saturday and I was ALONE!!! I had no L sign dangling on my car, but am sure other drivers must have guessed I was a learner, or they felt I stole my father or boyfriend’s car to play with because people kept horning and horning…it got so bad I pulled up my windows, put on my car radio to almost max volume and put on my a/c just to avoid hearing noises…..miraculously, I drove to Onikan and back. My point? I’m proud of myself not because I was crawling on the road i.e driving at snail speed, and I took a few wrong turns, but am glad I dint bash, dent, or even scratch anyone else’s car because I entered enough holes……I guess I have the near free road that day to thank for that. My next target is the mainland, my liver cut at the thought of driving to work alone… for now anyway!


8 comments on “‘L’

  1. It’s not Leaner sorry but its Lunatic!!! You took a big step and dats lovely and I hope to see u one day on my side of lasgidi. I wish i had a car 😦

  2. hahahahahahaha i hear u…not to worry dear u soon will have a car….and i will soon hook up with u 😉

  3. Finally!!! Now since u can drive like this, the next stage of ur development should be focused on learning how to receive **** while driving :)!!! good one tho

  4. receive wat????? o ti beere ooo hian!!!!

  5. r u still learning?i thot by now u would have been a formula 1 driverMy advice is early morning saturday or sunday, u try coming to the mainland on through third mainland with someone. after that try doing it alone till u build ur confidence. i think it will help

  6. am getting der now no worry and as for taking on third mainland…i just need a volunteer….:D

  7. The impossible is never impossible, it only requires a little more effort. You were brave enough to take a risk on a major route, and u came out boosting ur confidence. Best of luck on ur road show.

  8. thanks godfrey…i appreciate:)

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