an acquirer

My elder sister called me an acquirer and am starting to think dat may be true….. as in, i have accounts in yahoo, hotmail, gmail, am on hi5, am on tagged, am on tubely, am on ndl, i even forget my passwords and noooooooooooww……….i just joined dis one. I was initially reluctant about opening dis account because hell, wat am i going to say…i mean am used to reading stuff but writing? Hmm…. but here I am. Hope I can maintain dis account successfully(wish me luck)!


4 comments on “an acquirer

  1. WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 one day at a time you will find something to talk about. I have 5 emails, 2 blogs,i’m on hi5,myspace and a couple more. It shows u r flowing with technology.

  2. thanks dearie…………

  3. acquirer….u tryclap for yourselfonly u?i think the secret is maintaining them allcan u?

  4. i hope so oo bros[dat’s y i said ‘wish me luck’]

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